Steve Ruelle

Senior M&A Advisor - Minneapolis

Steve Ruelle has spent over a third of his career in full-time mergers and acquisition endeavors. From hands-on experience on both sides of the M&A deal making table, Steve understands how to manage the details and excitement of a transaction. His M&A experience includes leading the worldwide corporate M&A team of a public Finnish company, advising private company owners as a FINRA licensed investment banker, and conducting a “buy-side” acquisition search as an independent sponsor. In addition, he led stand-alone divisions for two public companies and was a “skin-in-the-game” CEO of a private equity portfolio company. Steve earned a BBA and MBA degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Outside work, Steve has been married for over twenty-eight years and enjoys helping each of his children find their path. His personal passion is exploring and fishing “canoe country” in northern Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. When not planning his next expedition into the wilderness, Steve enjoys kayaking, working on home improvement projects, and walking his dog.