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BRL 4.2 million EBITDA in Year 1: Turnkey, Branded Natural Mineral Water and Bottling Operation

May 26, 2015

MOIA is a pre-revenue natural mineral water extracting and bottling facility based in Pratânia (270 km northwest of the city of São Paulo), Brazil. The Company is located on an 88,000 m2 (22-acre) property with an abundant, renewable water source. MOIA water is pure spring water extracted from a safeguarded, unspoiled source that offers an appealing taste and promotes health by being low in sodium and having a well-balanced pH level. The water has been tested and certified by a third-party quality inspector. The facility offers abundant production capacity by digging more wells on the site.

The MOIA factory was built in 2010 and is equipped with a variety of automated machinery and other state-of-the-art equipment. The Company has established an efficient, completely in-house production process. End-to-end production capabilities include the manufacture and filling of various bottle sizes and final, ready-for-shelf packaging. There is significant opportunity to penetrate the Brazilian market for bottled water as well as lucrative export potential, particularly to the Middle East and China.

In Brazil, the demand for mineral water has been increasing annually. In 2014, ABINAM, the Brazilian Mineral Water Industry Association, reported a 20% increase in sales volume and a 10% increase in average pricing.

Location: Brazil

Projected Year 1 Sales: BRL 8.7 million (USD 2.8 million)

Projected Year 1 EBITDA: BRL 4.2 million (USD 1.4 million)