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E-Commerce Innovator Reaching Over 9 Million Consumers Annually with $4.5 million EBITDA

October 24, 2017

The Company is an e-commerce innovator offering a select mix of impulse-type products at discount pricing. The Company has built an effective email and video marketing platform designed to create demand, influence consumer decision-making and drive sales. Fueled by its proprietary email marketing technology that seamlessly deploys over 200 million emails per month, the Company pushes impulse-buy products and outperforms the industry in sales conversions.

Estimated sales for 2017 are expected to increase 12.5% over 2016 to achieve $17.4 million with over $4.5 million in adjusted EBITDA, an EBITDA margin of nearly 26%.

Low-cost customer acquisition, limited SKU merchandising strategy, cost-effective product sourcing, video product demos, rapid inventory turnover and successful push vs. pull marketing all sharply differentiate the Company from Amazon and other general merchandise e-commerce players.

The Company’s proven direct sales model serves over 300,000 active customers annually, most of whom are repeat customers, and over a third place orders an average of 9x per year.

Location: Midwest U.S.

Est. 2017 Revenue: $17.4 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $4.5 million