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European-based data-driven digital marketing solutions company focused on worldwide Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets with over 150 million monthly users

June 13, 2016

The Company is a group of online performance marketing, Platform-as-a-Solution (PAAS) businesses forming the leading digital marketing platform in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. Product lines include display advertising, email marketing, video streaming, mobile and social media channels. With over 150 million monthly users, the Company provides unparalleled access to the fast-growing Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets worldwide, and has the second largest reach in Latin America after Google Ad Network. Clients include many of the world’s prestigious global brands.

The Company offers eight different marketing solutions, ranging from proprietary contextual advertising technology to permission-based email tools. The solutions optimize client marketing spend, drive leads, increase sales and enhance brand equity. Clients are based in Spain, Portugal, U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina, such as McDonalds, Ford, Samsung, Coca-Cola, P&G, SONY and American Express.

The Company’s platform is built on leveraging audience analytics from its exclusive display advertising network combined with a robust data management system. The Company creates, delivers and measures targeted programmatic marketing messages enriched by advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics such as demographic, contextual and behavioral data.

Location: Europe & South America

Est. FY 2016 Revenue: EUR 12.2 million

Est. FY 2016 Gross Profit: EUR 7.5 million