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Proprietary/Patented Cybersecurity Firewall Solutions Company with Global Installation Base, Focused on Critical Infrastructure Protection

October 11, 2016

The Company provides proprietary and patented cybersecurity products that optimize firewalls and secure wired and wireless networks for customers in the key markets of finance, government, energy and telecom. The Company has over 500 firewall appliances installed globally, with customers concentrated in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, and throughout EMEA. These products can operate in rugged and extreme environments including temperatures ranging from -40F to 180F.

The Company’s solutions reduce costs substantially. These reduced costs are achieved by users not having to add or significantly upgrade expensive, existing firewalls. While saving costs, the Company’s solutions add another layer of security with near zero latency and improved network speed. Their solutions can be deployed rapidly and are compatible with widely used operating firewall software such as CheckPoint, Sophos, Dell and Fortinet.

The Company’s products and software solutions reduce costs while enhancing performance and security. The Company’s unique cybersecurity solutions add speed and improve performance with an added layer of security to customers operating with the most demanding critical infrastructure needs – a key competitive differentiator.

Location: U.S.

Revenue Proj. Year 3: $15.2 million

EBITDA Proj. Year 3: $3.3 million