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Trendy Designer and Manufacturer of Private-Label Apparel with USD 2.2 Million in EBITDA for Brazil’s Expanding Middle-Class

March 23, 2015

The Company provides custom, private-label design and manufacturing services for leading department stores throughout Brazil. The Company specializes in nightwear, underwear and beachwear that bear customers’ brands. Clients include Brazil’s largest department stores. The Company’s two key clients have a combined total of more than 500 stores and a national footprint.

Products are designed, manufactured, inspected and packaged internally. Only sewing is outsourced, and the Company inspects this process. The Company enjoys long-standing relationships with its clients due to its outstanding reputation in the private-label marketplace.

The Company has achieved over USD 9 million in revenue with only a single salesperson, presenting an acquirer with significant opportunities to grow by strengthening sales and marketing resources. Expansion potential exists to acquire new business from retail chains that sell private-label product lines, both within Brazil and abroad.

Location: Brazil

FY 2015 Estimated Revenue: BRL 22.3 million (USD 9.7 million)

FY 2015 Estimated EBITDA: BRL 5.0 million (USD 2.2 million)