Global Expansion

If your company is $50 million to $1 billion+ in revenue, we believe global expansion is a key strategy for ambitious companies around the world driven by opportunities that are critical to the future success of their business.

Our global team of seasoned professionals helps organizations in all industries evaluate the strategic rationale and potential candidates for a Joint Venture or acquisition, assess the potential costs and risks, and consult on local customs and integration issues.

Woodbridge masters the systematic process of developing a strong, proactive plan to identify, contact, and ultimately convince potential partners of the benefits of working with your company.

Our local presence in multiple countries and regions gives us specific knowledge and insights that can make a crucial difference in addressing different corporate cultures and operating styles. And with our “straight talk” approach, we nurture and manage the degree of trust and mutual understanding between the participants.

To achieve the highest possible success from a Joint Venture or acquisition, all partners involved must have compatible goals and motivations over and above the profit potential.

The involvement of Woodbridge not only increases the success level of the expansion plans of our clients, but helps companies expand their competitive strengths.

Our unique approach delivered immediate results for Yamada. A mid-sized Japanese electronics firm that engaged us to find a JV partner in Mexico and Brazil.