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Selling a Legacy

September 1, 2022

Finding a passionate buyer to carry on their legacy is one of a business owner’s primary concerns when considering the sale of their business.

25 years ago, a family came together to establish a beverage company and to create premium products. By the time the family decided it was time to step aside, they had done just that.

Putting together a transition plan is challenging, but the right advisory firm can make finding the best way forward much easier. Woodbridge International understood that finding a buyer who could maintain the company’s unique culture was paramount to preserving the family’s legacy and could therefore support them through the entire sale process.

Unforeseen challenges are par for the course in the M&A industry. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions of movement dealt a significant blow to the beverage company’s operations, which were dependent on social gatherings. The business’s overall performance suffered, and Woodbridge advised that the sale be placed on hold in order to give the family time to weather the COVID storm.

Woodbridge knew the business was a winner, and once the beverage company had recovered, the sell-side advisory firm took it back to market. During the marketing process, Woodbridge used the solid foundation that the family had built to generate significant interest and elicit numerous attractive bids. The company recently sold for $18.25 million. Woodbridge International had found the perfect buyer who shared the family’s passion for creating memorable experiences. With the sale behind them, the family was able to step aside and enjoy the fruits of many years of hard work.

When a motivated seller is operating a company with a bright future, the Woodbridge International process finds the best price by allowing the market to deliver its best options. Is it time for you to explore a sale while the market is strong?