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Revenue: $34.9 million
EBITDA: $18.9 million
Branded Pharmaceutical Distributor - Southeastern U.S.

The Company is an FDA-registered Drug cGMP Labeler and Distributor operating across the U.S. The Company sells a select portfolio of, frequently prescribed medications to a proprietary network of independent pharmacies and distributors. The Company distributes directly to customers allowing participating pharmacies and distributors to realize higher margins when dispensing the products to patients. The business model also yields strong margins for the Company as well.

The Company has three exclusive agreements with drug manufacturers, and two additional exclusives are scheduled to launch during Q1 2018.

Sales have quadrupled since the Company’s inception just three years ago and achieved a 95% gross margin in 2017 with $13.8 million in adjusted EBITDA. Management expects sales to increase 62% and reach over $34.9 million in 2018 with more than $18.9 million in adjusted EBITDA.

Seeing an unmet need in the market, the Company developed a proprietary methodology of bringing commonly used products to market in a way that produces attractive margins for independent pharmacies. This is a high-margin, fast-growing business that is easy to scale and relocate. There is significant upside still ahead.

Management believes that the Company has created barriers to entry to help sustain market position and thwart competitive pressures. The Company’s proprietary method of product selection, exclusive distribution licenses and effective marketing strategies make it a unique growth platform within the biomedical supply chain. Management believes that it will continue to bring on two new products every 12 rolling months, at a minimum.

Revenue: $47.9 million
EBITDA: $15.5 million
Indoor Recreational Systems - Eastern U.S.

The Company is the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of specialty recreational equipment. Customers include facility franchisees and independent owners in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. There is a $26 million backlog business consisting of 120 projects. A complete single-source for design, production, installation and training, the Company offers exclusive colors, fabric and branding embellishments that serve to retain customers over time and generate repeat business from replacement parts. The Company does not employ an active outward sales team, and business is won strictly through reputation, repeat customers and word of mouth. The addition of a dedicated sales team could further stock the pipeline. The Company operates from a 95,000 square-foot facility and has a culture of continuous operational, product and service improvement. Management expects revenue will continue to increase in tandem with an expanding backlog of orders. The Company has plans to add additional product offerings to its current portfolio. EBITDA is forecasted to rise in 2018 due to stable operating costs and ongoing top-line growth at improved gross margin rates.

Revenue: USD 45.1 million
EBITDA: USD 7.3 million
Corporate Car Rental and Employee Transportation Services - India

The Company provides a range of ground transportation solutions including corporate car rentals (‘CCR’), employee transportation services (‘ETS’), hotel travel-desk services, services to travel management companies and events & tour operators, B2C retail intra/ inter-city transportation and self-drive services. The Company has a fleet of 4,000+ vehicles (~95% aggregated) with presence in 60+ cities in India. It also has a global presence in 45 countries through its affiliates. Serving over 800 clients, the Company serves a marquee clientele consisting of multinational companies, diplomatic officials and offices of Indian and foreign government authorities. The clients include Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Amex, EY, Mercer Consulting, Taj Group of Hotels, Hilton Resorts among others. The Company has long-term relationships with most of its key clients and boasts of a client retention rate of 90%+. It provides specialized training to ensure chauffeurs adhere to its high service standards. The Company uses its own cloud based, end-to-end enterprise tool for handling client bookings which helps it to manage logistics for seamless operations. Also, it has recently launched a mobile application to enable its corporate users to book the cabs online and drivers to accept and execute the trips.

Revenue: $17.3 million
EBITDA: $4.3 million
State-of-the-Art Building Products Supplier - Southeastern U.S.

The Company is one of the largest stone fabricators in the Southeast and among the top 10 custom stone fabricators in the country. The Company operates a state-of-the-art stone production facility, a custom cabinetry production facility and several showrooms. There is an annual customer base of about 300 commercial and residential builders. In early 2018, management expects to enter into a new contract with a developer that will generate $1.5 million in revenue going forward.

Revenue: $12.5 million
EBITDA: $4.3 million
Interactive Indoor Gaming: Fast-Growing Dominant Player Rolling Out New Locations Across the U.S. - North America

This unique immersive-gaming Company has rapidly captured a commanding share of its market. In 2017, the Company hosted 250,000 customers, 38,000 in December alone. Customers vary in age from children to senior citizens. Licensing discussions are in progress with popular TV programs and movie producers to add branded themes to the games. In addition, the Company is planning to incorporate AR and VR technologies, which will attract more visitors. Sales growth will be supported by a more aggressive campaign of advertising and marketing than has been undertaken in prior years. This will include a more active presence on various social media outlets. The Company has grown from one location in 2014 to 31 in 2017.

Revenue: $37.5 million
EBITDA: $3.5 million
Global Specialty Pharmaceuticals Distributor - Eastern U.S.

The Company sources and distributes clinical trial, biologic and specialty drugs to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Its customer base consists of about 285 major companies in the U.S. and abroad in the branded, generic, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Customers include virtually all major generic drug manufacturers.

The Company has a distinct competitive advantage in a segment where customer confidentiality is key and multiple lots with different expiration dates are required to successfully perform clinical trials. Its 15 vendors have access to manifold suppliers of their own, including distributors, specialty pharmacy relationships and wholesalers. The supply chain can source as far down as the retail level, with access to almost 500 drug depots/pharmacies if necessary.

This is a remarkably efficient and lean operation with only 11 employees in addition to the two active partners. Both partners are amenable to continue working at the Company indefinitely, or as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of know-how.

Average top-line revenue from 2007 through 2016 totaled approximately $34 million. Management has made the choice to selectively accept very large orders in order to comfortably operate within its existing line-of-credit. Management believes that with a larger credit line the Company could generate over $30 million-$40 million annually in additional sales by bidding on more large orders.

Revenue: Projected $13.7 million
EBITDA: Projected $3.1 million
Video Surveillance Equipment Distributor - Canada

The Company is a distributor of video surveillance and access control equipment serving a customer base of security system integrators, alarm companies, access control and home automation installers, distributors and computers/electronics stores. The company’s 900 accounts are distributed across Canada and the U.S. About 87% of sales are to customers in Canada and 13% are to U.S. customers. Sales over the past four years have experienced strong double-digit growth, achieving a 3-year CAGR of 30%.

Revenue: $12.4 million
EBITDA: $2.7 million
Value-added Data & Video Storage Provider - Western U.S.

The Company provides a wide array of data and video storage, backup disaster recovery products and services to corporations, government agencies and educational institutions. The Company is comprised of four synergistic divisions: a manufacturer of branded storage products, a distributor selling to re-sellers, and a re-seller selling to commercial end-users. In addition, the Company has a high-margin service program that extends across all business segments. Branded products sell at high margins and are expected to account for 35% of total sales in 2018. The Company is unique in its ability to capture sales from two distinct customer bases: re-sellers (through its distribution division) and data-intensive end-users (via its value-added reselling division). The Company has 181 active accounts and added 25 new customers in 2017. Virtually all accounts become repeat customers. The Company’s services include remote and on-site installations, training, systems integration, and annual support contracts. Demand for storage is accelerating as the use of big data, video surveillance and protection of data becomes critical for private and public entities. The Company expects revenue growth of 10-20% over the coming two-year horizon. This will be driven by contract renewals, increased demand for its products, and augmented support contract pricing.

Revenue: USD 34.8 million
EBITDA: USD 2.5 million
IT Infrastructure & Solutions Provider - Mexico

The Company is a leading systems integrator providing enterprise IT solutions to a prestigious Tier-1 client base in retail, commercial and financial services. The Company delivers a broad range of world-class products and professional services, including big data analytics, data center design, project management, hardware/software, installation and support to its corporate end-user client. In 2016, 74% of its net profits came from Services and 26% from the sale of Hardware and Software. For 2017, the Company projects USD $34.8 million, a 14.9% revenue increase in Mx pesos (11.9% in USD) over 2016, and EBITDA of USD $2.5 million. The Company’s revenue is seasonal, and the second half of the year is usually stronger than the first one, therefore management believes the estimate for 2017 is achievable. The Company serves 50-60 global enterprise clients based in Mexico City, the majority of whom have been with the Company for 10 years or longer. For 2017, the Company expects to increase clients in the financial sector and add clients in the gaming industry. In addition, the Company has recently launched IBM Big Data solution, which is expected to play a significant role in future revenue growth.

Revenue: USD 18.8 million
EBITDA: USD 2.4 million
Global Exporter of Specialty Snack Products - South America

The Company is a global leader in the production, processing, and export of Specialty Crops to more than 150 customers in over 70 countries. Customers include cinema chains, distributors, wholesalers, snack factories and retail industries among others. The Company currently operates four product-based business units. Each of these units has separate storage and industrial processing facilities. The Company maintains favorable supplier relationships with farmers who apply the best agronomic practices and meet the Company’s high standards of quality. The Company counts with modern technology to process the crops and access top market destinations that require BRC, GMO Free, and ISO standards. In addition to exporting to new overseas markets such as China, Japan and others, the Company can develop new food specialties including peanuts, walnuts, pulses and others. Market consolidation is a key growth opportunity and the Company could lead the process. Products sold are not commodities, price conditions are negotiated on trade shows and directly with customers. Global demand has been growing consistently over the years and volumes offered and product quality determine final price conditions. As a result of the quality of its products, the Company has a solid track record in achieving the best prices.

Revenue: $9.5 million
EBITDA: $1.4 million
Nationally Recognized Direct Response Agency & Lead Generation Company - North America

The Company’s innovative, turnkey, advertising platform generates and routes live consumer leads from TV commercials, infomercials and online sources at a fixed cost-per-lead to their clients’ inbound call centers and/or website. This year’s forecasted revenue is based on the dependability and expansion of current campaigns, as well as launching new campaigns. Both represent significant growth potential going forward, including the Company’s launch of a new digital platform in Q3 2018, designed to extend the Company’s innovative approach to harness the power of programmatic advertising through desktops, mobile and native banners.

Revenue: $4.0 million
EBITDA: $1.7 million
SaaS Automation Platform Serving the World’s Largest Asset Managers - North America

The Company’s cloud-based platform is used for Client Reporting and Sales Enablement to automate the creation of a powerful data-driven sales experience: client, investor, and other mission-critical presentations, reports, and collateral. The most popular uses cases include investment reviews, pitchbooks, and fact sheets for the investment management industry.

The Company is in the process of adding new clients and converting existing clients to its next generation platform at higher profit margins. As a result, revenues and profits are expected to increase dramatically as the roll out progresses. In 2018, management projects revenue will grow 22.3% over 2017 and EBITDA will rise 72.6%. With growth driving from the new platform, the Company is projected to achieve record EBITDA results in 2018 with EBITDA of $1.7 million and EBITDA of $3.6 million in 2019.

Revenue: $7.1 million
EBITDA: $1.6 million
Leading Global Supplier of Miniature Precision Components - U.S. & Asia

The Company sells thousands of SKUs to approximately 300 customers globally with very little concentration. Key end-markets are industrial automation (linear slides and ball screws), aerospace, automotive, medical devices and electronics. There are 200 customers in the U.S., 85 in Asia, 10 in Southeast Asia, and others in Mexico, Canada and Europe. While most components are produced from chrome and stainless steel, the Company has vast experience manufacturing tungsten carbide components, titanium components, soft stainless components, copper components, and brass components to meet other demanding applications.

The Company is strategically positioned to significantly expand sales throughout Asia. Its modern manufacturing facility in Asia has approximately 25,000 square feet and is set up to facilitate high volume, efficient processing of precision components in a broad range of materials. In 2017, the Asia plant accounted for 70-75% of total production. The Company is also well underway with initial plans to add a second Asia facility at minimal cost.

Revenue: USD 15.0 million
EBITDA: USD 1.4 million
Manufacturer of Rubber Products - Colombia

This Colombian company has superior technical capacity to manufacture large-format rubber parts and designs, produces and markets a diverse mix of rubber products for a wide range of industries. Its innovative team has developed various products, such as adhesives, neolite sheets, EVA materials, inks, conveyor belts, bridge supports, seismic isolators, rubber floors and shoe soles, balls and accessories for various sports.

With over a 65-year tradition, the Company has a large portfolio of national and international clients and 7% of sales are to customers abroad. The modern production infrastructure and highly technical capacity are a barrier to entry for local competitors.

The Company operates in three commercial segments: Supplies for other industries, Technical Products for the construction industry and Sports. For Sports, the Company markets sports articles under its own widely recognized brand in Central and South America.

The growth of the Colombian economy, the consolidation of a consumer middle class, and the execution of an ambitious infrastructure construction project for the coming years by the government of the country, translate into an attractive potential for the growth of the Company; through its diversified product portfolio, the Company can address the opportunities generated in these segments of the economy. Additionally, Colombia has a favorable environment for investment, which favors the creation of export initiatives to markets such as Latin American countries and the southern United States.

Revenue: $12.3 million
EBITDA: $1.4 million
Decorative Concrete Flooring Installer - United States

The Company an award-winning flooring installer specializing in artistically created terrazzo, decorative concrete surfaces and Jewel Krete flooring. The Company’s work is installed in major airports, museums, cruise terminals, hotels, national chain retail stores and other commercial and government establishments, as well as upscale residential properties. Each original installation is the highest quality known in the industry. Working with licensed designs, the Company vividly renders them in terrazzo or other highly decorative flooring surfaces. Clients include some of the world’s leading architectural firms and general construction companies, as well as direct clients. In 2017, the Company entered a $7 million contract with a major global IT company to install flooring in a number of its new locations.

Revenue: EUR 9.8 million
EBITDA: EUR 1.3 million
Printing and Graphics Coordination Company - Italy

Since the late 1970s, the Company has provided superior printing and graphics services through a complete, in-house integrated cycle. Its constant focus on innovation, continual upgrading of its machinery to the best available, and its certifications have enabled the company to earn a reputation for quality in its market. The production process is completely performed in-house, which is rare among the Company’s competitors. This ensures greater flexibility, reduced delivery times, effective quality control and protection of the customer’s sensitive data, in addition to competitive costs for short runs. Today the Company provides high-end printed documents such as monographs, art books, brochures and catalogues, as well as price lists, mail shots, packaging, digital print and web solution services. Growth opportunities include adding new distribution customers, intensifying sales and marketing activities, extending and diversifying its product portfolio, entering the point-of-sale segment, developing e-commerce capabilities and channels, and expanding to new export markets. There is also significant growth potential in special finishing operations such as UV ink printing, spot rolling and, most of all, in web-to-print solutions.

Revenue: $6.7 million
EBITDA: $899,428
Full-Service Gourmet Catering Company - North America

The Company is a leading caterer and cafe operator known for sustainable practices and serving locally grown food. The Company generates substantial recurring revenue from its base of major global technology companies and other prominent corporate clients. In addition to providing employees with daily meals, the Company caters special events and operates a cafe serving breakfast and lunch. Through April 30, 2018, corporate foodservice clients accounted for 65% of revenue, corporate catering contributed 21%, cafe sales represented 11% and catering for private events represented 3%. More than 4,000 recipes are in rotation for foodservice and catering menus. In 2017, the Company provided catering services for 574 clients and acquired 288 new clients. The Company made Inc.’s 2017 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in America.