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The Company owns and leases custom-built rigs to the world’s largest oil and gas producers. Each rig features a full range of critical workover and exploratory drilling equipment. The Company has several client agreements in place that are valid for 1-10 years. The Company also provides remote camps with catering services for oilfield operations in the same region. Oil and gas exploration companies have little incentive to build and operate their own workover rigs, as this would require investing in and maintaining assets with infrequent use in the case of a single company. They would also need to either keep skilled labor on payroll during down-times or periodically search for and train new employees.

The Company operates round-the-clock, 365 days a year with live operator support for state agencies and managed care organizations in a 5-county service area. The Company handles 2,400 scheduled trips daily. The Company focuses on providing punctual, reliable and efficient transport solutions highly valued by regular clients many of whom switch to the Company from less reliable and smaller service providers. Having rose to become the dominant player in its region, the Company is now positioned to replicate its efficient and highly profitable business model throughout the U.S. and Canada.

As the Company’s revenue continues to grow, adjusted operating expenses are expected to remain fairly constant. Management has not significantly changed its fee structure in 10 years, creating an opportunity for a new owner to increase pricing. Management is expanding the Company’s footprint and has been adding representatives to major hospital and rehab facility waiting rooms and pick-up facilities so that these representatives can greet outgoing patients and capture new customers. The Company can achieve an even greater market advantage by acquiring direct competitors to significantly increase revenue, scale and scope.

The Company specializes in the testing and maintenance of military, conventional and non-conventional explosives detection systems, cybersecurity technologies and airport baggage handling systems. Engineering services are geared to preventing terrorism and enhancing national security.

The Company is a prime contractor on nearly all its projects, and the majority of its work is conducted onsite at the various government agencies. Engineering services accounts for 96% of revenue and 4% is IT support services. There are five active contracts with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the US Army going out through 2023.

This fast-growing contractor specializes in large-scale telecommunications projects involving voice, data, wireless, audio and video. The Company’s capabilities include design-build Voice and Data Infrastructure, Fiber Optic Cabling, Telephone Systems, Wireless Networking, Distributed Antenna Systems, Closed Circuit TV, Security Systems and Outside Plant Infrastructure. The Company has 142 active projects valued at $60.8 million, including two contracts with the U.S. government valued at $10.9 million and $9.8 million, both at federal mission control centers. The Company is also working on contracts for projects at schools, courthouses, hospitals, transportation and other private and public infrastructures.
About 84% of revenue is derived from contracts with state, local and federal agencies and 16% is from contracts with private sector clients. As a telecommunications contractor that specializes in design-build and project management, the Company has a growing addressable market and has realized steady growth, yet has only begun to achieve its full market opportunity.

Offering the most advanced access control systems and technology-enabled, self-service kiosks, the Company serves clients in public and private sectors. The Company’s diversified portfolio of high-tech products enable clients to offer high-level security and enhanced convenience to their customers. The Company also provides on-site or remote integration with existing systems, configuration, installation, monitoring, repair and maintenance on all of its products. The Company has 170-190 active accounts at any given time. Resellers account for 45% of sales, while banking and financial services accounts for 43%. Export markets include Spain, England, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Colombia and Mexico.

For 2019, two new products are ramping up for production with a planned launch in the first quarter. Additionally, several other products are in the design and prototype stages.

The Company is a leading niche manufacturer of over 1,000 branded and private-label SKUs such as plastic desk organizers, clip board boxes, clip boards, staplers, hole punches and paper clips used in offices, schools and homes worldwide with new products being rolled out each year. The Company holds 138 patents with one more pending. With two manufacturing facilities, one in the U.S. and one in Asia, in addition distribution centers across the U.S., the Company is positioned for significant expansion in North America and abroad. Customers include stationery stores, mass market retailers, office supply wholesalers, online companies and independent dealers.

The Company maintains an average of 150 accounts, many of which are national or international retailers such as Staples, Office Depot, Walmart and Stringent quality control, on-going product design and development, and efficient operations allow the Company to offer outstanding products at highly competitive prices. Among the Company’s advantages are production efficiency, high-quality products, timely delivery and long-term customer relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

The Company provides a range of essential maintenance services to utilities and industrial clients throughout the U.S. Customers include major energy producers, leading food processing companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, airlines and a variety of other companies. Of the top 10 customers over the past three years, four have been with the Company for 10+ years, and one is a 30-year customer. The Company has captured a significant share of one its niche markets.

The Company is a market-leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of custom window treatments for both commercial and residential. The parent company sells primarily to commercial customers, serving an impressive list of retailers, financial institutions and restaurants plus large architectural projects like hospitals, schools and offices. The East Coast plant sells primarily through a wholesale model to the design trade and the smart home integration market focused on residential. The Company is one of just a few window-covering manufacturers in the U.S. that have the capability to engineer, fabricate, install and service their products.

Management conservatively projects 6% top-line growth in 2019 driven by a 3-year, $3 million contract just signed with a key customer and additional business expected from existing customers. In addition, two new customers ($1.6 million in contract value) were recently acquired, and 2020 will see the launch of several new, advanced technology product offerings.

The Company is a leading niche manufacturer of over 1,000 branded and private-label SKUs such as plastic desk organizers, clipboards, clipboard boxes, staplers, hole punches and paper clips used in offices, schools and homes worldwide with new products being rolled out each year. The Company holds over 100 patents and trademarks. Customers include stationery stores, mass market retailers, office supply wholesalers, online companies and independent dealers.

In 2018, the Company had approximately 130-150 customers. Customers include national and international retailers such as Staples, Office Depot, Walmart and Stringent quality control, ongoing product design and development, and efficient operations allow the Company to offer outstanding products at highly competitive prices.

Founded in 1961, the Company is the preferred supplier of custom gravel and sand products to utility companies and their construction subcontractors. With an active base of 100 customers at any given time, many customers have been with the Company for over 25 years. The Company operates from a 50-acre gravel pit and has access to two additional pits with 40 acres each. Gravel products are crushed for a broad range of applications such as pipe bedding, drainage, seepage holes, roadways, landscaping, walkways and driveways. Sand product is used to line trench bottoms for utilities and for private projects. The Company produces all grades and types of sand and gravel for residential and commercial applications.

The Company manufactures contacts used in a broad range of applications and critical assemblies for industries such as automotive, aviation, electronics, military and medical devices. In business for many decades, the Company specializes in micro and nano connectors used by OEMs such as Boeing, Airbus, Teledyne, Amphenol, Plantronics and Delphi/Aptiv. The Company has also made inroads into the medical device industry by supplying electronic parts for remote patient monitoring devices and portable imaging systems. Over the past three years, the Company has served 25-26 accounts annually. Revenues consist of stamping (93%), tool and die (3%) and plating (1%).

For 2019, revenue is projected to grow 15% due to two new projects and planned pricing increases. Adjusted EBITDA is expected to decline in 2018 due to the loss of high-margin plating workflow and a one- time retooling project that reduced profit margins. However, EBITDA is expected to return to historic levels in 2019 and 2020 as the Company increases revenue and improves gross margins.

The Company sells over 1,000 sports nutrition-focused SKUs. Categories include fat loss, amino acids/BCAA, bars, cookies and snacks, pre-workout products and protein. The Company offers the lowest pricing among its peers which, combined with effective daily promotional strategies, resulted in over 19,000 new customers acquired in 12 months. The Company’s website sees about 20,000 visitors per day and generates 96% of sales, with the other 4% coming from eBay and Amazon. Customer acquisition cost is about $5, an amount recovered from the first sale - and many times over in subsequent purchases.

The Company sells disposable and rechargeable vaping products to convenience stores and retail chains. Currently selling 5.4 million units per year (2018), the Company is the only privately-held e-cigarette supplier among the top 10 brands in the U.S. The Company’s success is driven in part by its focus on its high-quality products at a value price point. The product line is and satisfying value-based e-cigarette brand aimed at transitioning tobacco users. The brand’s ability to compete on price and product performance has fueled its C-store leadership position in volume-per-location as compared with competitors.

The Company provides critical simulation software used by the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps and NATO in addition to companies such as Raytheon, General Dynamics and GE Aviation. The Company’s SaaS platform is relied on for custom simulations tailored to specific requirements for the aerospace, defense and transportation industries. Through its platform, the Company is revolutionizing the way custom constructive simulations are developed and maintained. The Company currently has over 200 installed seats under active subscriptions.

The Company has been growing revenue and EBITDA by double-digits for the past four years. Revenue for 2019 is expected to total $4.3 million, with over $2.2 million in adjusted EBITDA.

The Company manufactures monolayer, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene films, roll stock and semi- finished products. Industries served include food, industrial, automotive, medical, and commercial packaging. The Company also serves as a contract manufacturer performing slitting/rewinding and plastic film production for customers who manufacture a variety of consumer products including food, medical equipment and shopping bags. The Company acquired 10 new customers in 2018, and currently has 211 active accounts – no single customer generates more than 14% of annual sales.

The Company fills a fundamental, compelling need by business owners for better financial visibility, strategic support and access to best-in-class domain expertise and educational resources to reach their business goals. The Company’s diverse IPportfolio includes one patent-pending software application and numerous trademarks and copyrights on its books and other educational resources. The business model has demonstrated an ability to expand throughout the U.S. and offers an ideal synergy for a buyer targeting privately-held, mid-market companies.

The Company’s sole focus is delivering high-value services and fostering a community of advisors supported by professional staff dedicated to continuous improvement. From 2016 to 2017 revenues increased 11% due to the number of new members and an increase in the total billings by active members. Into 2018 and beyond, the Company is focused on continuously growing the member base. The Company could generate significant leads and new business for the right strategic acquirer.

The Company designs and manufactures accessories for the automotive, motorcycle and marine aftermarkets. Sales channels include national retail chains, e-commerce sites, mail order retailers, and various specialty and industrial wholesalers. The Company typically serves 220 accounts and has a high rate of repeat business; no single customer represents more than 10% of annual sales. Most products are exclusively designed and branded by the Company, and many high-margin items are patented. Production largely is outsourced to a network of 20 longtime contract manufacturers.

A well-recognized brand and creatively designed packaging make the Company’s products particularly appealing to retailers and their customers. Packaging features QR barcodes that deliver product information and demos online when scanned by any mobile device.

The Company provides branded and private label state-of-the-art devices for the detection and prevention of fraudulent transactions. Core products authenticate documents and currency and are installed in thousands of retail locations and banks and in more than 200 U.S. airports at security checkpoints to authorize ID documents. The Company’s proprietary software solution is used to conduct high-level forensic authentication of identity documents and could offer an acquirer a recurring licensing revenue stream.

The Company acquired 486 new customers in 2018 and typically has 2,000 accounts with active transactions. As a result of strong relationships with its blue-chip customer base, the Company is poised for growth. Management believes its new, more focused sales strategy will position the Company to secure larger, more lucrative deals in 2019 and 2020.