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Sell Your Mid-sized Business To a Private Equity Group

In addition to targeting strategic buyers in your industry and those in related industries, Woodbridge markets all of its sell-side clients to a large number of Private Equity Groups in North America and abroad. Private Equity Groups continue to acquire privately-held businesses operating in broad range of industries. These firms have considerable capital to invest and are focused on actively growing the businesses they buy. Watch these three short videos (each runs less than 2 minutes) to learn how Private Equity Groups view your company as they search for new platform and add-on acquisitions – and find out how selling to a Private Equity Group can bring you “two bites at the apple.”

Will a Private Equity Group continue to grow my business? (1:48)

Why sell to a Private Equity Group? (1:31)

Is a Private Equity Group a good fit for my company? (1:54)