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The Biggest Pitch of Your Life

is the fourth book in our series:

This book teaches you how to prepare for your management meetings. It takes you inside a unique 2-day training program for sellers that have decided to sell their business.

You will learn how to prepare for your one-call close.

Your M&A firm will secure bids for your company. You will decide which of these potential buyers you want to meet. You will have a 2–4-hour management meeting with the prospective buyers you select.

Did you know you have one shot to close the typical buyer? It’s a one-call close.

You have many preparation decisions ahead of you that include:

  1. Your 1-minute introduction—critical to captivating the buyer
  2. Your WHY—showing the buyer the source of passion
  3. Your Future Story—showing the buyer how they will earn the return they need

Get ready for a wild roller-coaster ride.

The Biggest Pitch of Your Life also Covers:

  • Coming Down Off the Throne
  • The Future Management Team
  • The Deal Attorney
  • KPIs – Key Performance Indicators
  • Discussion with an M&A Firm
  • The Sustainable Business.
  • The Closer
  • The Defendable Business
  • The Gap Analysis
  • And more