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Building profitable revenue
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Properly preparing your business for sale is critical to receiving the full value of your company when you are ready to exit. Your business’ financial performance – top line and bottom line – will determine the company’s value to potential buyers. And it’s no mystery that buyers prefer businesses that are growing not stagnant.

So you need to do everything you that can to continue driving sales growth and profitability while you prepare your company for sale – and particularly while your business is being marketed to prospective buyers. Buyers will bid up the price of your company if they see your top line trending upward and margins rising along with revenues.

Andy Gole’s Urgency-based Selling© program has helped Woodbridge’s clients boost sales and continues to enhance Woodbridge’s own business development and client acquisition results. Andy has taught selling skills for 23 years. He started three businesses and has made approximately 4,000 sales calls, selling both B2B and B2C. His Urgency Based Selling© process helps companies double their closing or conversion ratio.

Jim Polley, a Woodbridge Client, used Urgency Based Selling® to help prepare his company for sale.

Urgency Based Selling® can help you:

  • Build profitable revenue in the years leading up to selling your business
  • Help you maintain your revenue during the process of selling your business

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