Finish Big With No Regrets.

How to Sell your Mid-Size Business is the second book in our series:
To achieve the best results, you can’t rely on the way selling a business has always been done.

In this book you’ll discover why it’s essential to:

  • *View your company from the perspective of a buyer so you can choose the best one
  • *Market your business to generate as many bids as possible
  • *Participate in management meeting training and learn best practices selling your business
  • *Know your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to show you are in control
  • *Make sure buyers feel your passion for your company’s story, It’s people and, most of all, its future
  • Remember, if you have only one buyer, you run the risk of regretting your sale. By going to more buyers and getting more bids, you’ll get a higher price and better fit.
  • You can’t sell your business without regrets if you don’t have choice.
Finish Big With No Regrets