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Revenue: $8 million
EBITDA: $3.9 million
Subscription Model Car Wash Company: 74% Recurring Revenue
  • All equipment has been upgraded over the past 5 years
  • Operates in uncontested areas
  • $5M+ to build new car wash facilities
Revenue: $3.3 million
EBITDA: $1.7 million
Provider of Enterprise Software to the Energy Sector: $1.7 EBITDA
  • 94% recurring revenue from maintenance and support customers
  • Customers secured by long-term contracts
  • Proprietary software and trademarks
  • Only specialist to solve challenges of terminating all sizes of high-performance fiber ropes
  • Fiber ropes currently represent ~$2.1 billion of a ~$12.3 billion total annual wire/rope market
  • Industry-shaping platform using established technology to create step-change opportunity in global fiber rope, connection, manufacturing and distribution
Revenue: $5.7 million
EBITDA: $1.1 million
Distributor of Mission Critical Fastening Systems: $1.1EBITA
  • 92% repeat revenue in 2023
  • 70% of market share in region of operation
  • 30% of business protected by automatic purchasing
  • 77 active customers YTD 24
  • Subscription-based service offering
  • Revenue for private equity, hedge funds and investment vehicles industry set to register 4.2% CAGR through 2029

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