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A Benefit of International Buyers

February 16, 2017

By Larry Reinharz

We’re often asked about International buyers; they’re so anxious to get into the U.S. that they’ll pay more than U.S. buyers.

On a recent deal we closed this year this perception became reality for one of our clients; an International buyer paid a significant premium for our client’s company in the U.S. compared with the other final bids from domestic strategic and financial buyers.

The International buyer was anxious to get into the U.S. and our client had some proprietary technology that would save them years and millions in R&D, so the premium they paid made economic sense for them.

A key to getting the deal done was Woodbridge International’s on-the-ground presence. We worked closely with the International buyer; same time zone, same language, familiarity with cultural nuances, etc.

Our client did not know the International buyer, nor did he initially feel there was a high likelihood that the best deal would be from an International buyer. However, he did believe in our confidential global auction and felt it was the only way for him to be exposed to the best deal on the planet.