Celebrating Our First 30 Years
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30 Years of Lessons Learned: Selling Middle-Market Businesses

is the 10th book in our series

Every business owner goes through a journey; this is our journey—filled with 30 years of experiences and lessons learned. We trust that as you read this book, you will see yourself in many of our stories. And we hope, after reading it, that you come away with tremendous insight from our experiences that you can use in your own business.

In this book, we’ve given you 30 years of evolution, knowledge, and wisdom. But we are students of the business and are
constantly thinking about how to make systems and processes better, how to streamline things, and how to speed things up. We’re constantly learning.

Now, what will you do with this information? Do you want to lead your company into the next 30 years or sell it tomorrow?
Either way, we are ready for you whenever you are ready.

Twenty-five percent of companies make it through the first 10 years. And we’re at 30. Every year, about 15,000 companies change hands.

Today, the buyer market is hotter than ever. So, it makes sense to set yourself up for success with the best terms and conditions. More Buyers, More Bids, Higher Price, Better Fit.