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Woodbridge Generates 30 Offers For Sell-Side Client

June 5, 2009

New Haven, Connecticut – June 5, 2009 – While some sellers are hesitant to bring their company to market, Woodbridge has recently recieved 30 bids from buyers for one of its current sellers. This is the second highest number of offers the firm has ever received on a company it has brought to market – only surpassed in early 2008 by a client-company that drew 36 bids from a range of buyers.

With 30 offers in so far for a client that was just brought to market a few weeks ago, it’s clear that for many companies, this is right time to sell.

Said Robert Koenig, president of Woodbridge, “If you’re doing well, there are numerous qualified strategic and financial buyers for your business.”

Plus, with credit loosening, more deals are getting done – and more quickly than they were over the past two quarters.

“Timing is everything,” said Koenig “And too many of our clients waited too long and timed it wrong. Our methods are designed to bring sellers the best price possible – as long as their business continues to perform well.”

Woodbridge provides sell-side, buy-side, financing and distressed company mergers and acquisitions services to businesses with $5 million-$100 million in sales. The firm operates out of 11 offices: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, Washington, D.C., Toronto, the Netherlands and Brazil.

Woodbridge, LLC., an international M&A firm, was founded in 1993 to provide divestiture and acquisition services to middle market companies.