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Captured! Drawing Attention to Your Company in Print and Video

January 27, 2016

By Lori Green

There's a lot of noise to break through when bringing a company to market. Every week buyers and investors are targeted by hundreds investment bankers, attorneys, brokers and sellers themselves. All have companies or ventures to promote, but the first hurdle is to capture attention for their deal.

We hear regularly from buyers that our marketing materials do an impressive job in highlighting the strengths of our clients' companies and differentiating them from the crowd. These are important achievements in today's global marketplace, where so many deals are vying for attention.

We depend on our clients to provide us with all the information we need to develop a complete and accurate descriptive memorandum (“book”) on the company. Describing your company’s products, services, operations and personnel and — most importantly — growth opportunities is critical to winning buyer interest and eliciting the best offers. Without a seller's energy and responsiveness in supplying all the financial and other data we request, we're unable to do our best work in presenting the company to sophisticated strategic and financial buyers around the world.

Woodbridge has pioneered the use of video in mergers and acquisitions as a way of allowing buyers to meet the seller and see the business in action. Using media in this way brings the company right to the buyer's screen. It also accelerates the deal process. In fact, quite a few buyers have told us they were persuaded to bid on our client’s company after watching the marketing video we produced.

Our marketing videos are only 2-3 minutes long and illustrate your company’s chief selling points. The book and video complement each other and work together to attract buyer interest and generate momentum from the very beginning of the process. Of course, we require a buyer to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before receiving either the book or video.

Our ground-breaking approach to “packaging” the companies we bring to market is not only unique in the M&A industry — it engages buyers visually and activates them to move quickly in submitting a competitive offer.