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A Conversation with President Robert Koenig

February 13, 2015

Robert Koenig founded Woodbridge Group in 1993, now named Woodbridge International. But before Woodbridge International, Robert grew his own company, Koenig Art Emporium, an art supply retail and distributor company with 127 locations. While president of Koenig Corporation, Robert completed 30 add-on acquisitions, increased revenue to over $100 million, and drove organic growth to capture 10% of the U.S. art supply market by the time the company was sold to a strategic buyer.

Driven by the excitement of selling his own business, Robert began Woodbridge International. He envisioned his company as something more than every other M&A firm. Believing that by using innovative marketing techniques as the driving force, there would be no stopping his determination and passion for business. As Woodbridge has grown in its ability to exceed client’s expectations, it has also grown by expanding its reach into seventeen countries.

And now in 2015, Robert still understands the value of global practices—reaching clients of varying backgrounds, locations, and understandings. With the mindset of knowing no boundaries and not stopping until the right buyer, the right price is found, he has created a business that has flourished into an M&A firm like no other.

Below is a short interview with him as he discusses the future of M&A, advice for those interested in selling their company, and how he keeps his blood pressure low.

Q: Describe Woodbridge International in ten words.
A: Innovators, pioneers, creative, passionate, insightful, groundbreaking, world-class, trustworthy, ethical, disruptive.

Q: What is the most exciting part of your job?
A: That I am surrounded by incredible talent. The team that we have built over the life of the company has really shaped the success of Woodbridge. Every day, I am impressed how our team works together to bring the best results for our clients.

Q: Where do you think the market is going for 2015?
A: “To the moon, Alice!” The world is so well positioned for an incredible year. The US is in a great position after seven years since the recession at the end of the 2007 into 2008. There's so much liquidity and money out there that it's an exciting time to bring a company to market. We can do no wrong this year. Especially with our offices around the world, our clients will have such an incredible reach to find the best buyers.

Q: What advice would you give to those who are thinking about selling their business?
A: As long as they have positive outlook for their business, I don’t think there could be a better time to sell than 2015. When a company is doing well, there's no time to sell than the present.

Q: What role does Soso, your dog, play in Woodbridge International?
A: She keeps my blood pressure low.

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