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Distributor, Designer and Exporter of Window Film Products

The Company supplies the automotive and architectural industries with durable, high-performance window film products – and the exclusive distributor in 25 states for one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Products are primarily designed for solar control but also for safety and security applications. While primarily a distributor, the Company designs and manufactures its own high-margin, branded line of window films. In addition, the Company also designs and produces several private label lines for customers with specific requirements. The Company has barely scratched the surface of its huge potential market, both in the U.S. and abroad. The Company owns and maintain sites on several key domain names. It serves about 1,200 customers annually and enjoys a high rate of repeat business from a number of longtime accounts.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Estimated FY 2015 Sales: $5.7 million

Estimated FY 2015 EBITDA: $1.3 million

Under LOI

$14.2 million in Backlog – Large Waterproofing Contracting Company with Double-digit Growth Rate and Over 200 Returning Customers Annually

As one of the largest Waterproofing Contractors in the industry, this company provides and installs all types of sophisticated Sealants, Damproofing, Fluid Applied Waterproofing Systems, Vehicular Waterproof Traffic Coatings and other highly specialized waterproofing systems for a wide variety of applications.

The Company installs over 3,000 different highly specialized products representing and is licensed and approved by most of the major product manufacturers in the industry. The majority of projects being completed by this Contractor are large multi-residential buildings, governmental complexes, airports, office buildings, and large commercial complexes, both in new
construction and in building restoration.

The company now dominates the ever-growing and highly lucrative single family mega-home market. This market is relatively new to the area. These megahomes consist of 20,000-50,000 sq. ft. of construction with underground parking facilities on the ocean or intra-coastal waterways where a large part of the construction entails the installation of very sophisticated Membrane
Waterproofing Systems. This Company meets that demand and has increased its annual revenues by over $3 million in just the past three years in this emerging market.

The Company typically works with over 200 clients a year, including building contractors, building owners, developers, governmental agencies and building management companies to complete their new and restoration projects on time and within budget. The Company’s 50+ years of business experience puts them at the forefront in the contract negotiation process with all major players in the market.

The Company operates from three locations housing a total of 25,000 square feet. Most of the Company’s principals who are running the day-to-day business operations are interested in remaining post-transaction to continue running and growing this 50+ year old company.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2015 Revenue: $18 million (+15% over 2014)

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.5 million (+23.5% over 2014)

50% EBITDA Margin, World-Class Data Center with over 600 Commercial Customers in Growing Market

The Company provides a range of Internet hosting services to over 600 small and medium-sized businesses from its state-of-the-art data center. Types of hosting services include colocation, dedicated, cloud, disaster recovery, and shared. In addition, The Company offers complete managed services for companies seeking an outsourced solution for their IT infrastructure needs. The Company’s advanced data center and rigorous business practices ensure that clients do not have to worry about network outages, power outages, overheated server rooms, insecure networks or security of the physical space. Plus, managed hosting services, bundled with about 12% of accounts, provides hardware firewalls, data backups, server monitoring, Internet security, operating system upgrades and server maintenance.

Unlike many competitors who lease space for their operations, the Company owns its strategically located building and has custom-designed its pristine data center. The Company’s data center is built to the Telecommunications Industry Association’s Infrastructure Standard for
Data Centers (ANSI/TIA-942), which provides clients with superior quality protection against weather-related hazards, fire, power outages, and other critical events that can cause data loss or system failures. The Company is third-party audited for SSAE16, SOC1, and SOC2 compliance

The Company plans to increase sales and marketing expenses in 2015 to further stimulate sales growth in the managed services sector. There is a well-balanced management and skilled technical team in place with an average tenure of 10 years.

Location: Midwestern U.S.

Est. 2015 Revenue: $3.3 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.6 million (49.7% margin)

$60 million Provider of Commercial HVAC Design & Installation with $51 million Backlog

One of the largest mechanical contractors in its market, the Company designs, installs and maintains HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems for commercial, industrial and multifamily residential projects. The Company is able to undertake jobs in all areas of commercial and industrial HVAC, plumbing and fire protection: new, retrofit, repair and maintenance.

Currently, about 70% of revenue is public sector projects, 25% is private sector, and 5% is educational and religious institutions. The Company typically serves 25 clients at any given point in time and is at work on over 80 projects. Clients are primarily GC’s, however, the Company also works directly for end-customers.

The Company is solidly positioned for national expansion and has the resources and capabilities to work on large-scale projects anywhere in the country. The Company could expand to new geographic markets by hiring a dedicated sales and marketing manager to focus on business
development initiatives. Leads are currently generated by the Company’s established network of general contractors and other business relationships.

The EBITDA decline in FY-14 was due to four projects that extended beyond expected completion dates causing an adverse $750,000 impact on earnings. Management expects a significant portion of this amount will be returned to the bottom line after pending claims related to these projects are settled. The Company’s 30% increase in contract revenue in FY-15 is attributable mostly to one particular job.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. FY 2015 (ending 9/30/15) Revenue: $59.5 million

Est. FY 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.9 million

$2.7 million EBITDA Upscale, Regional Diamond Retail Group with Strong Brand Name Positioned for National Roll-Out

The Company’s brand enjoys strong name recognition and is associated with superior diamonds, premium jewelry, and excellent client service. The Company attracts an upscale clientele, primarily young, high-earning professionals, shopping for engagement rings, wedding rings or diamond jewelry. The Company has developed a successful business model that can be replicated nationally. The stores are stand-alone buildings and all are located in the country’s most affluent markets and have easy access and high traffic.

In addition to rolling out new stores, expansion opportunities include growing online sales, diversifying product line and monetizing the Company’s client base.

The Company is fanatical about providing an exceptional shopping experience and concierge-level service. The focus is on building a relationship of trust between client and diamond consultant. Each of the Company’s three stores is designed slightly different, but the business
process and presentation are consistent. Elegant display cases in the front showrooms display product range and identify client preferences. The actual selling takes place in private diamond viewing rooms.

About 88% of sales are in the diamond bridal category and 12% are gift and fashion items. An average diamond ring sale is $8,000.

The Company operates with 25 full-time employees. The two owners have day-to-day operational responsibilities and are willing to remain with the Company post-transaction. The expected increase in 2015 EBITDA margin is due to planned cost cutting of salaries and marketing expenses. This is a margin that will be sustainable in future years.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2015 Sales: $26.6 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $2.7 million

USD 3.5 million EBITDA, Dominant Latin American Information Security Solution Company with 186 Clients

The Company is one of Latin America’s foremost providers of information security solutions. Clients include the region’s major financial institutions, oil and gas companies, telecommunications, government agencies and other industries. The Company delivers a broad range of integrated worldclass cybersecurity products and professional services to secure networks
and corporate data. Product solutions are fully-customizable, completely scalable and designed to reduce the operational burden and costs associated with cybersecurity, protection and resiliency.

The Company’s expertise includes protection for network infrastructure, content/data portals, web, endpoint security, wireless and cloud. In addition, the Company offers consulting, managed security services, and training/education for clients. The Company serves an impressive list of more than 180 mid- to large-size enterprise clients. Nearly all customers have fixed-amount, long-term contracts which can run as high as several million over a five-year period.

The Company’s CEO is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and executive who, along with his performance-driven team, are prepared to take the Company to the next level of prosperity. The Company operates with a highly-skilled team of 80+ engineers and 26 sales/account managers and is ISO 9001, ISO 27000, ISO 20000 certified.

The Company has only begun to achieve its growth potential throughout Latin America. There are numerous opportunities to expand into new verticals, continue building Managed Security Services and growing its other high-margin services.

Location: Latin America

Est. 2015 Sales: USD 27.3 million (+13% over 2014)

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: USD 3.5 million

$3.6 million EBITDA and 75,000 Commercial Accounts Online Directory Service

The Company has built a unique business model that is profitably satisfying an unmet need among new and small business owners: an affordable, search engine-optimized, online billboard advertising solution. Many of these businesses cannot afford a full-featured website or do not need one, but their business needs to be found quickly and easily online. The online directory is a powerful search tool that produces quick results and allowed users to “click-to-call” a business, as well as to save listings for future reference. The listing sites are mobile-device
friendly with capabilities for the customer to upload photos, embed videos, offer coupons and customer reviews. The Company’s listing service ensures customers appear on first-page search results for Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing engines when users search on keywords related to
their business.

A proprietary enterprise software technology tracks all recipients and results of its direct mail marketing campaigns – no small achievement as the Company sends out 1.8 million printed pieces of direct mail per month. The Company consistently has a remarkably high conversion rate
on these mailings and expects to increase its customer base by 8%-12% in 2015. The Company’s operational efficiencies permit competitive pricing that delivers significant savings to customers.

Management has created a proven success formula that can be replicated to reach new demographic and geographic markets. New, specialized directory products are in the process of being tested and others are in the pipeline. In addition, improved billing and customer communications initiatives are expected to significantly increase renewals and ensure recurring revenue.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2015 Sales: $13.8 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $3.6 million

Dominant Brand of Sports Equipment with Double-digit Growth and 459 Accounts

This iconic brand dominates its niche in the manufacture and marketing of sports equipment
and is recognized for its high-quality standards and technological innovation. The brand is the
preferred supplier to many professional sports teams and owns registered trademarks in
several Latin American countries. Products are sold in sporting goods stores, chain stores and
other domestic and international retailers.

Management has recently begun to launch new product lines such as sports accessories and
footwear to capture new market segments. There are numerous additional growth
opportunities such as expanding the brand’s footprint in Latin America, developing customized
products for professional sports teams, increasing presence in shopping centers, developing
online sales capabilities, and opening branded retail locations. These opportunities can be
pursued with local manufacturing capabilities or by using the Company’s high-quality suppliers
in Pakistan and China to achieve cost or exchange-rate advantages.

The Company’s 459 active accounts are primarily domestic retailers, although three are based
in foreign markets. The Company’s marketing resources include a highly skilled sales force and
a group of promoters specialized in marketing new releases to schools and universities, as well
as to the professional sports market such as leagues and tournaments.

The business operates with 148 employees, all of whom are highly trained to manufacture a
final product that meets the most rigorous quality standards required by athletes around the

The Company has maintained a steady double-digit growth rate as a result of its strong brand, preferred by both professional and amateur consumers.

Location: Latin America

Est. 2015 Sales: USD 11.7 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: USD 2.2 million

Electrical Services Provider Upgrading and Maintaining Brazil’s Power Grid

The Company provides a broad range of maintenance and related services to leading utility players in the fast-growing Brazilian power distribution market. The Company helps reduce outages and increase system reliability through timely maintenance, upgrades and repairs of substations, networks and electric power systems. Projects include electrical maintenance, repair, upgrades and replacement systems and equipment for high and low voltage transformers, breakers, switchgears; technical metering services; collection, recycling and disposal of equipment and waste materials and; regeneration of insulating oils. The Company can deliver services virtually anywhere in Brazil. Accelerating construction and maintenance activities to expand Brazil’s power distribution and transmission networks is opening vast market opportunities for equipment suppliers and service companies. Significant demand is also expected for the Company’s metering service-solution offering.

Revenue declined in 2013 and 2014 due to a decision by a key client to perform some activities in-house instead of outsourcing them. In 2014, margins were improved by reducing headcount, which will continue in 2015. The Company also plans to sell some of its trucks that are no longer needed, which will lower maintenance costs.

Location: Brazil

Estimated FY 2015 Sales: BRL 19 million (USD 6.2 million)

Estimated FY 2015 EBITDA: BRL 3.1 million (USD 1.0 million)

National Provider of IT Asset Disposition Services with 6,300 Accounts and Capacity to Double Volume

The Company acquires and re-sells pre-owned, off-lease or depreciated IT assets. Product suppliers are primarily computer leasing firms, recyclers, auctioneers and end-users companies. About 75% of stock is acquired through direct purchase with the remainder by bid and consignment. Ninety-two percent of sales are wholesale to exporters, VARs and computer service companies, and 8% are retail. The Company is known for carrying top quality national and regional brands, such as Apple, HP and Lenovo, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, at competitive prices. The Company sells products online through its own outlet store and via an eBay store, as well as other e-marketplaces.

With a combined total of 56,000 square feet and capacity to double existing business volume, the Company is poised for continued growth. The Company has more than 300 active wholesale customer accounts and about 6,000 retail customers. Product suppliers include an established network of 60 vendors. The Company experienced revenue growth of almost 45% from 2013 to 2014 and expects revenues to grow at about 7% in 2015. These increases were primarily attributable to the
availability of a much greater level of Apple equipment, including iPads, as the Apple and tablet market began to become a larger component of corporate lease programs and the used market.

The reduction of adjusted operating expense in both dollars and as a percent of revenue from 2012 to 2013 was primarily due to a reduction in salaries and wages, a reduction in rent and facility costs and temporary labor cost related to a vendor program that was discontinued in 2013.
Adjusted EBITDA in 2015 is expected to increase nearly 12% principally the result of the expected 6.8% increase in revenues.

Location: Eastern and Western U.S.

Est. 2015 Revenue: $16.6 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.7 million