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Trendy Designer and Manufacturer of Private-Label Apparel with USD 2.2 Million in EBITDA for Brazil’s Expanding Middle-Class

The Company provides custom, private-label design and manufacturing services for leading department stores throughout Brazil. The Company specializes in nightwear, underwear and beachwear that bear customers’ brands. Clients include Brazil’s largest department stores. The Company’s two key clients have a combined total of more than 500 stores and a national footprint.

Products are designed, manufactured, inspected and packaged internally. Only sewing is outsourced, and the Company inspects this process. The Company enjoys long-standing relationships with its clients due to its outstanding reputation in the private-label marketplace.

The Company has achieved over USD 9 million in revenue with only a single salesperson, presenting an acquirer with significant opportunities to grow by strengthening sales and marketing resources. Expansion potential exists to acquire new business from retail chains that sell private-label product lines, both within Brazil and abroad.

Location: Brazil

FY 2015 Estimated Revenue: BRL 22.3 million (USD 9.7 million)

FY 2015 Estimated EBITDA: BRL 5.0 million (USD 2.2 million)

Elevator Inspection Services Provider with over 2,500 Accounts and 100% Recurring Revenue

The Company provides complete elevator and escalator inspection services for public and private sector clients across four states. The majority of clients have been with the Company for at least 10 years. Virtually all of the Company’s revenue is recurring: 80% is derived from multi-year contracts with clients (typical term is three years), and 20% recurs from clients who do not have contracts but call the Company regularly on an as-needed basis.

Management estimates that the Company currently has 25% of its primary geographic market for elevator inspection services and 50% of the market in higher-end/higher-margin work.

The Company’s margin growth is being driven by maintaining and acquiring new high-end work, eliminating work that requires more time investment than is profitable, and by creating primary inspection routes for each employed inspector.

Given the fact that the Company does not have a marketing function in place, the Company could grow quickly with marketing resources and growth capital to deploy. Management believes there is abundant opportunity to capture greater market share within its current footprint and to expand to new geographic areas

The principals are involved in day-to-day operations and are willing to remain with the Company to grow it to its full potential.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Estimated FY 2015 Revenue: $3.1 million

Estimated FY 2015 Adjusted EBITDA: $1.2 million

$5.5MM EBITDA National Provider of Insurance & Protection Products

The Company is a national provider of insurance and protection products offered by dealerships. It serves a base of about 300 clients and enjoys a high rate of account retention and repeat business. The Company’s products and services are designed to enable dealers to improve their operations and increase profitability. As one of the few single-source suppliers in its niche, the Company is experiencing steady growth to meet intensifying demand for its services as sales to the auto industry increase. The Company has been an award-winning agent for one of its key providers for the past 11 years. The Company is also an administrator of its own line of branded products.

The Company has a number of exclusive arrangements with its product providers and is often the only source in its market for many of its products and programs. In addition, agreements are in place with suppliers ensuring low competition from other providers in existing territories. The Company is ready to expand to its next level of success by entering new geographic markets, as well as increase its share of existing markets.

Location: U.S.

Estimated FY 2014 Revenue: $16.1 million

Estimated FY 2014 EBITDA: $5.5 million

Under LOI

Global Chemical Manufacturer, USD 4.9 million EBITDA with an Extensive Repeat Customer Base

The Company develops, manufactures and sells an extensive selection of inorganic, organometallic, metal and acid-based chemicals. The Company’s products, made primarily from tin or tin intermediates, are used in the manufacturing of Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (CASE), as well as additives for Metal Finishing and Oil Well Stimulation Formulations, and in various industrial chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. End-users include companies involved in CASE, polymers and surface finishing formulations, as well as flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers and chemical distributors.

The Company has 150 active customers, which includes a large number of North American and global companies. The majority of sales go to multinational manufacturers, in addition to some specialty chemical distributors. In 2014, 50% of sales were to U.S. customers and 39% went to customers in Germany. The Company’s foreign sales are growing to include Latin America, the EU and Asia. Significant opportunity exists to further expand in those regions. Over the past three years, the Company has sold its products to customers in 17 countries. Many customers have been placing orders for more than 13 years.

The Company attracts and retains customers by providing consistent, high-quality products within required timeframes. Customers rely on the Company for its technical expertise and solutions, versatility and superior customer service—whatever their applications may be.

There is a highly skilled and well-educated team of managers with a science background in place ready to continue growing the Company.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Estimated FY 2015 Revenue: USD 38.6 million

Estimated FY 2015 Adjusted EBITDA: USD 4.9 million

USD 6.8 Million EBITDA, 4-year, 25% CAGR Fiber Optic Manufacturer and Installer Creating Over 150 Smart Cities In Brazil

The Company is vertically integrated: it manufactures optical connectivity devices, installs telecommunications networks and implements smart cities throughout Brazil.

The Company has installed over 10,000 km of fiber optic networks and 5,000 video surveillance cameras in over 100 cities. With a 25% annual growth rate for the past four years, the Company has been recognized by Deloitte as one of Brazil’s Top 250 small and medium-sized companies with the highest annual growth rates. There is a team of experienced management strongly committed to the Company’s goals.

Currently in Brazil only 40% of the 5,561 cities and only 4% of 24 million broadband users are directly connected to optical networks (FTTx). The Company has many long-term contracts (2015 -2017) in its portfolio.

Customers include telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, Internet service providers, government agencies and the military.

Location: Brazil

FY 2015 Estimated Revenue: BRL 63.1 million (USD 26.9 million)

FY 2015 Estimated EBITDA: BRL 16 million (USD 6.8 million)

Quality Branded Medicinal Botanicals with 5,000 Active Accounts

The Company is one of the most trusted sources of premium-quality medicinal botanicals for healthcare practitioners, nutraceutical distributors and consumers. The Company's whole herb supplements are produced in a state-of-the-art 10,000 square- foot feng-shui designed facility, where all processes and quality systems meet or exceed the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). With an emphasis on handmade, locally sourced and sustainable production practices, the Company's brand of attractively-packaged artisanal products espouse trustworthiness, expertise and knowledge, positioning it as one of the top players in the industry.
The Company is distinguished by its dedication to meeting outstanding quality standards, earning it significantly high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, the Company is the recent recipient of Naturopathic Doctor’s News and Reviews (NDNR) 2015 Physician's Choice Award for Excellence in Botanical Medicine.
The Company enjoys a 90% annual rate of repeat business with 5,000 direct accounts and over 1,400 SKU's. Expanding into wholesale, retail and ecommerce channels could significantly increase market share, enhance profitability and accelerate the Company's next phase of growth. The Company operates a sustainable and streamlined organization with a dedicated staff of 18 and is favorably positioned to benefit from the growing health trends associated with the integration of alternative and conventional medicine as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. The Affordable Health Care Act, combined with rising U.S. healthcare costs, supports the growth of complementary therapies strengthening the industry's sales forecasts.

Location: West Coast, U.S.
FY 2015 Estimated Revenue: $2.7 million
FY 2015 Estimated EBITDA: $959,514

Australian Provider of High-Impact Technical Production Services for Corporate Events with National Footprint

In business for several decades, the Company delivers leading-edge technical productions services for events and road shows encompassing vision, sound, lighting, recording, webcasting, videoconferencing, audience participation platforms and room dressing/scenic.
Clients include many of Australia's most respected businesses, such as Telstra, Qantas, Westpac and LJ Hooker, as well as the Australian subsidiaries of many multinational businesses. The Company has produced shows for McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, Roche Products, Flight Centre, Woolworths, Lexus, Astra Zeneca, Luxottica and AMP. Direct relationships now account for approximately 46% of revenues, with the balance being sourced from production agencies. The Company is continuing to grow its direct account base in order to maximize margins and increase its roster of long-term clients.
Clients include many of Australia's most respected businesses, such as Telstra, Qantas, Westpac and LJ Hooker, as well as the Australian subsidiaries of many multinational businesses. The Company has produced shows for McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, Roche Products, Flight Centre, Woolworths, Lexus, Astra Zeneca, Luxottica and AMP. Direct relationships now account for approximately 46% of revenues, with the balance being sourced from production agencies. The Company is continuing to grow its direct account base in order to maximize margins and increase its roster of long-term clients.
The Company commands premium pricing due to its superior quality technical expertise and ability to support national tours.
Management has identified a number of lucrative growth opportunities throughout Australia, New Zealand and select Southeast Asian countries. There is a seasoned and dedicated senior management team in place ready to take the Company to the next level of success.

Location: Australia
FY 2015 Revenue: USD 9.9 million
FY 2015 Adjusted EBITDA: USD 1.5 million

USD 26.5 million in Revenue with 13 Locations Dominant Supplier of Branded Pharmaceuticals

The Company is a World Health Organization-certified healthcare specialty supplier of brand-name pharmaceuticals throughout India. The Company has expertise in the storage and distribution of life-saving medications, especially in the areas of oncology, nephrology, hematology, neurology, cardiology, virology and transplant therapies. Customers are hospitals, institutions, doctors and patients. The Company has exclusive distribution agreements with several major/multinational pharmaceutical companies and currently represents 100 companies, of which 65% are multinationals and 35% are domestic.
The Company has a broad footprint throughout India and superior supply chain management to handle medications requiring a controlled set of temperature modulations for storage, transportation and administration. Management has built a scalable business model and is well-positioned to explore other segments such as medical tourism, day care centers and patient disease management.
The Indian pharmaceutical sector accounts for about 1.4 % of the global pharmaceutical industry in value terms and 10 % in volume terms. According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the country's pharmaceutical industry is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5% over 2009-2020 to reach USD 55 billion.

Location: India
Estimated FY 2015 Revenue: INR 1,603 million/USD 26.5 million
Estimated FY 2015 EBITDA: INR 108.1 million/USD 1.8 million

One of Brazil’s Top 10 Printing Companies with 300 Active Clients and State-of-the-Art Facility

The Company specializes in offset and digital printing services for a wide range of marketing materials. Clients include a diverse base of 300 multinational or prominent corporations, with a focus on financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies and advertising agencies. Client base has a high rate of repeat business and the Company has multi annual, volume supply contracts with key clients.

Printing capabilities include catalogs, booklets, leaflets, displays, stoppers, calendars, wobblers, take-ones, direct mail, promotional packaging, flyers, magazines, books and comic books.

The Company is ranked as one of the top 5 printers in Brazil and received numerous industry recognitions and awards. There is an experienced senior management team in place ready to take the Company to its next level of success. Expansion opportunities include extending the Company’s footprint throughout Brazil, entering new verticals and augmenting digital printing services.

Location: Brazil

Estimated FY 2015 Revenue: BRL 57.5 million (USD 24.5 million)

Estimated FY 2015 EBITDA: BRL 6.7 million (USD 2.8 million)

Backlog of USD 66 million: Global Manufacturer of Architectural Construction Products

In business for over 50 years, the Company designs, manufactures and installs architectural aluminum and glass finishing products for public, commercial and large residential buildings. In addition to its factory in Israel, the Company operates a modern manufacturing facility in India, 22 miles southeast of Mumbai’s center, which serves a growing client base. The Company specializes in curtain walls, skylights, aluminum windows and doors, acoustical and decorative ceilings and partitions, metal wall cladding and roof coverings. The Company has been active in India since 1998 and is ISO 9000 & ISO 9002 certified.

The Company’s spacious production facility in India can accommodate 4-5x its current business volume.

Having completed over 4,000 projects as a manufacturer and contractor for aluminum-based projects throughout Israel, India, Europe, UK and Africa, the Company offers an acquirer significant growth potential. The Company’s India location offers the highest growth opportunity, as the broader Mumbai area is being actively developed and construction is robust.

Location: India and Israel

Estimated FY 2015 Revenue: USD 24.8 million

Estimated FY 2015 EBITDA: USD 2.9 million