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Specialised Vehicle—Construction, Resources, Forestry Poised for Explosive International Growth

Disruptive manufacturer of quality-engineered trucks, modules & equipment for a specialised application in the construction, mining, forestry equipment markets.

Typically plant for this application is custom manufactured close to the point of use. The business manufactures modules in its wholly owned plant in China and ships them in containers internationally for fitment to heavy vehicles where required.

The combination of:

  • modular design drawing on many years’ experience in the field;
  • uncompromising quality materials and finishes;
  • best of breed mission critical components; and
  • efficient manufacturing

  • makes the business more cost-effective than competitors using a custom build approach, while exceeding the quality of competing products.

    Customers include leading resources companies. The products are highly regarded for their quality, reliability and long service life.

    Founded in 2012, growth has been rapid, despite minimal outlay on advertising and promotion.

    Initially focused on servicing the Australian market, the business is now fielding inquiries from North America, Africa and the Pacific.

    The business is poised for explosive international growth. With the resources required to take advantage of international opportunities, the business has the potential to be the leader in a multi-billion dollar global market.

    Location: Australia/China

    Estimated FY 2015 Revenue: $9 million (AUD)

    Estimated FY 2015 EBITDA: $3.5 million (AUD)

$2 million EBITDA Manufacturer of High-Volume Food Production Machinery with Fortune 500 Customer Base

The Company designs and manufactures high-output food production
machinery for large industrial users, including some of the world’s
premier food companies. National restaurant chains, nationwide grocery
stores and large volume food service producers all have their food
products made on the company’s machinery. The Company offers a wide
range of models with capacities ranging from several thousand to over
100,000 food products per hour. The Company continually works to
improve its machines and to remain at the leading edge of industry
innovation. The brand is recognized across the U.S. and abroad for
premium quality machinery at competitive prices.

The Company has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to
produce high-end, environmentally friendly machines that operate at
the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. The Company has
rarely pursued new business and has only begun to realize its full
potential globally. The Company has frequently turned away business
over the years in order to maintain the operation at a manageable level
for the current principals and has grown the business with no dedicated
sales or marketing personnel.

The Company currently maintains 14 active accounts among 10
customers (some are with subsidiaries) and has a total installed base of
59 large industrial machines.

The Company is a lean manufacturer with only 14 employees, including
an engineering manager and a general manager who lead a team of
experienced and skilled tradesmen. There has never been more than a
single production shift, and management believes adding two additional
shifts could potentially increase annual revenues to $10-$12 million.

Location: North America

Est. FY 2015 Revenue: $5.2 million

Est. FY 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $2 million

$150 million Sales/$6.6 million EBITDA – Regional Specialty Products C-Store Chain, Product Brand Sold in over 850 Locations Nationwide Owner of 134 Private Label SKU’s and 28 Trademarks

These affiliated Companies are engaged in the sale, distribution and
manufacturing of consumable goods found in convenience stores and other
retail formats nationwide. The first Company owns and operates nearly 90
retail locations selling a wide variety of consumer products that would
typically be found in conventional convenience and tobacco stores. These
products include general and specialty merchandise with an emphasis on an
extensive line of tobacco products, accessories and gasoline, including, soft
beverages, beer, wine, liquor and packaged food snacks. These retail store
locations, design and merchandising of products are quite similar in format
to typical competitor c-store operations offering a clean, well-organized,
well-stocked, warm and welcoming environment. The stores offer a full-line
of products and accessories featuring 134 Company-branded SKU’s
marketed at value price points across a dozen categories. These retail
locations attract a diverse demographic of consumers with strong repeat

The second Company is engaged in the distribution and sale of a variety of
tobacco products sold in over 850 retail locations nationwide. Both
companies’ core business have seen consistent and attractive revenue and
EBITDA growth over several years, and the expected outlook for continued
growth remains positive for the foreseeable future. The two entities operate
under the same trade name and registered trademark and share an
organizational structure, strategy and resources enabling significant
cost/price advantages. International expansion to fast growing markets in
Asia or Europe where there product is less regulated and consumption on
the rise holds tremendous growth potential in addition to many untapped
markets in North America. In particular, expanding its lucrative private label
concept to countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Mid-East and Russia
could also significantly boost market share.

Location: U.S.

Est. Consolidated FY 2015 Sales: $150 million

Est. Consolidated FY 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $6.6 million

Supplier of Engineered Adhesives and Sealants Specified in Manufacturing Process of 500 Active Customers

The Company specializes in engineered adhesives and sealants that are sold primarily to OEMs for component manufacturing. The Company’s products include epoxies, urethanes, methyl methacrylate adhesives and silicone. The Company works with a network of approximately 15 product manufacturers to formulate products specifically for the customer’s manufacturing process. The Company sells national (flagship) brands (70% of sales) as well as its own line of high-margin, branded products (30%).

Product applications include parts and components for telecommunications, automotive, recreational vehicle, bus, truck and trailer, marine, oil and gas, assembly, electrical, electronics and composites. Estimated sales for 2015 are conservatively projected to be slightly lower than 2014 due to the oil and gas segment slowdown.

Most products are originally manufactured to spec for the Company’s existing customer base. The Company’s primary market strategy has been to support existing customers providing engineered adhesive solutions with high-touch service.
The owner is no longer involved in day-to-day operations, and there is an experienced and highly-skilled team in place running the business.

There has been minimal attention toward new customer development and expansion over the last three years, resulting in modest revenue growth. The business cost structure, along with low working capital requirements, makes this business model financially attractive and well-poised for expansion and growth.

Location: North America

Est. 2015 Revenue: $6.3 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.2 million

USD 2.4 million EBITDA – Major Educational Publisher of Digital and Multimedia Materials with 3583 Clients and 17 Locations

The company is one of the most important leaders in Latin America in the development and marketing of educational content and solutions for print books, e-books, virtual learning objects and educational platforms. Recurring licensing revenue from digital products in 2015 is projected to total 4,500 million Colombian pesos (USD 1.7 million). Its client portfolio is made up of domestic and international clients and includes educational campuses and state institutions, such as city councils, municipalities and national government entities. The Company’s products are in both print and digital platforms. Fifty percent of sales are to schools, 27% to distributors, and 23% are to retailers. In 2014, the Company had 3583 Latin American clients (majority in Colombia) and currently holds contracts with 100 schools. The Company has significant growth opportunities in digital products for markets in and beyond Colombia. Profitability has been improving and will reach a 21.5% EBITDA margin in 2015.

The Company operates from a 26,000 square-foot headquarters and has an addition 30,000 square feet of office space across 16 other locations. There are currently 261 employees.

Colombia is the only South American country with access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Its dynamic and growing economy are continuously attracting foreign investment. Its GDP per capita has doubled in the last decade, rising from 5.826 dollars in 2000 to 10.350 in 2012. In addition, Colombia is the second most populous Spanish-speaking country, and, according to World Bank’s 2013 Doing Business report, it is the third most business-friendly in Latin American.

Location: Colombia, South America

Est. 2015 Sales: USD 11.2 million (COP millions 27.9)

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: USD 2.4 million (COP millions 6.0)

Workflow Management Software Company with 16,500 Global Licensed Users and High Recurring Revenue

The Company develops and sells service desk and workflow management software that allow companies to connect people, equipment and processes within a single collaborative work management structure. The software establishes a logical workflow structure that drives efficiency by interconnecting departments and introducing processes that track services, measure quality, identify risks, ensure compliance, and optimize resource allocation.

The user base is distributed across the public and private sectors with customers in government, military, manufacturing, retail, health care, banking and finance, and education and training. The Company has succeeded in growing its customer base to its current level of 16,500 subscribed users without the benefit of dedicated sales or marketing personnel, a reseller network, partner network, or a social media presence. Many have been customers for over 15 years. Growth opportunities include deepening penetration into existing verticals, targeting new ones and expanding into new geographic regions.

There is a seasoned management and operations team in place dedicated to the Company’s future success. Management spent the last few years perfecting their software product and did not actively pursue sales initiatives. With upgraded software now more advanced than that of competitors, new marketing initiatives are being launched with revenues expected to climb in 2016. An infusion of growth capital is however required to fund additional marketing and sales efforts for the company to realize its significant potential.

Location: North America

Est. FY 2015 Revenue: $4.2 million

Est. FY 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.9 million (45.5% margin)

German Niche Manufacturer/Exporter of Branded, Premium-Quality Light Industrial Machinery

The Company’s products are at work in hundreds of the world’s largest companies across a broad range of industries. The Company has built a well-recognized and highly respected brand and has yet to exploit its many opportunities for expansion.

Virtually all products are made from standard parts but customized in size and configuration to meet customer specifications. Customers consist of 50% end-users and 50% system integrators and dealers, and there is no customer concentration. The Company typically serves 600-800 accounts annually and has sold over 10,000 of its branded machines to customers throughout Europe, as well as in India and the Mid- East. The Company also has developed a high-margin replacement parts revenue stream that accounts for about 10% annual revenue. The Company holds 10 patents and one is particularly valuable.

Products are used in industries, such as food processing and packaging (30% of sales), auto (25%), metal-working, chemical and pharmaceutical. About 63% of customers are in Germany and the rest are located in other European countries, the Middle East and India.

Although production is operating close to capacity, a second shift could be added and plans and permits are in place to build additional production space.

Location: Germany

Est. 2015 Revenue: EUR 5.3 million (+9.3% over 2014)

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 1.04 million

$2.6 million EBITDA – 2 Digital Technology Businesses: Online Lead Generation & Email Verification

The Company consists of two operating divisions: one provides affinity marketing programs, and the other is an advanced email verification solution technology. The parent company is seeking to divest these two divisions from its product portfolio to focus resources on growing other core lines of business. The two businesses share about 10% of clients, and each serves about 250 customers.

The affinity marketing division is a performance based lead generator for advertisers that delivers a higher level of personalized service to clients than competitors. On average, about 300,000 conversions per month are generated for customers. As a result, the division has a high rate of repeat business and many long-term clients.

The email solution is a valuable tool for database marketing firms or any company conducting emailing campaigns. The solution is also a benefit for any companies acquiring email addresses online through web forms such as ecommerce companies, marketing and advertising agencies, and lead generation companies. It is a highly accurate SaaS email verification technology that can be delivered via real-time API (e.g. link to Salesforce) or JavaScript, and through manual batch upload. The software ensures emails submitted on website forms are not invalid or from bots or malicious software.

The substantial increase in EBITDA and EBITDA margin for 2012 and 2013 is due almost entirely to management’s decision to stop doing business with low-margin customers and to, instead, concentrate on high-value/high-margin customers. Going forward, management is confident that EBITDA margins of 30% and better are realizable and sustainable.

Location: North America

Est. Consolidated FY 2015 Revenue: $7.8 million (+15.7% over 2014)

Est. Consolidated FY 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $2.6 million (+31% over 2014)

Est. FY 2015 Revenue for Affinity Marketing: $5.5 million (+6.5%)

Est. FY 2015 Revenue for Email Verification: $2.3 million (+45.7%)

Brazilian Distributor of Top Global Brands of Diagnostic & Medical Products – Exclusive Territories and 1,063 Accounts

These two sister companies, founded over 50 years ago, are distributors of diagnostic and medical products to laboratories and hospitals in Brazil. Top customers include DASA and Fleury, two of the leading diagnostic laboratories in Latin America, as well as private medical care group Prevent Senior and several municipal governments. Combined, the Companies serve 1,063 active customers.

With three distribution centers strategically located in different regions of the country, the companies are quick to deliver and provide customer care. Approximately 70% of the products they sell are imported with no Brazilian equivalent and 30% are manufactured locally by multinational companies.

Management estimates that joining operations under the same shareholder structure can reduce at least 30% of their expenses. Product mix is focused on in vitro diagnostic technology and also includes disposable medical supplies and personal care products. The Companies represent major international brands in in vitro technology such as The Binding Site, Biomérieux, Horiba, Stago and Johnson & Johnson. The Companies also sell their own brands of medical, personal care, and diabetes products, whose production is outsourced abroad. Company-branded products account for 25% of the Companies’ sales and have approximately the same margins as items with third-party brands.

Both companies have RDC 16 certification (Good Practices in Storage and Distribution of Health Products) issued by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and one also has ISO 9001:2008 certification. The Companies also offer technical assistance, scientific consulting, and professional training to their customers.

Location: Brazil

Est. FY 2015 Revenue: BRL 35.6 million (USD 11.5 million)

Est. FY 2015 Adj. EBITDA: BRL 4.6 million (USD 1.5 million)

$14.2 million in Backlog – Large Waterproofing Contracting Company with Double-digit Growth Rate and Over 200 Returning Customers Annually

As one of the largest Waterproofing Contractors in the industry, this company provides and installs all types of sophisticated Sealants, Damproofing, Fluid Applied Waterproofing Systems, Vehicular Waterproof Traffic Coatings and other highly specialized waterproofing systems for a wide variety of applications.

The Company installs over 3,000 different highly specialized products representing and is licensed and approved by most of the major product manufacturers in the industry. The majority of projects being completed by this Contractor are large multi-residential buildings, governmental complexes, airports, office buildings, and large commercial complexes, both in new
construction and in building restoration.

The company now dominates the ever-growing and highly lucrative single family mega-home market. This market is relatively new to the area. These megahomes consist of 20,000-50,000 sq. ft. of construction with underground parking facilities on the ocean or intra-coastal waterways where a large part of the construction entails the installation of very sophisticated Membrane
Waterproofing Systems. This Company meets that demand and has increased its annual revenues by over $3 million in just the past three years in this emerging market.

The Company typically works with over 200 clients a year, including building contractors, building owners, developers, governmental agencies and building management companies to complete their new and restoration projects on time and within budget. The Company’s 50+ years of business experience puts them at the forefront in the contract negotiation process with all major players in the market.

The Company operates from three locations housing a total of 25,000 square feet. Most of the Company’s principals who are running the day-to-day business operations are interested in remaining post-transaction to continue running and growing this 50+ year old company.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2015 Revenue: $18 million (+15% over 2014)

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.5 million (+23.5% over 2014)