Designer & Manufacturer of Costume Jewelry, Fast-Paced, Trend-Setting & Serving Prominent Retailers with $4.5 million EBITDA

The Company’s entire turnkey operation is based in New York City, in the heart of the Fashion District and close to customers. Its creative design team and master bead-dyer provide customers with private-label costume jewelry and accessories made to exact specifications. In addition, the Company has built a reliable and high-quality Asia-based supply chain capable of high-volume and quick delivery. There are also integrated relationships with 3PL partners.

Recognized for its innovation and exceptionally fast turnaround, the Company produces samples to show to customers in 24-48 hours. It is the only supplier of its type with a local bead-dying operation. The Company’s team of master bead-dyer, talented team of custom jewelry designers, and experienced customer service specialists has no comparable competitors in the industry.

In business for only five years, the Company generated $17.5 million in sales in its first full year of operation. For 2017, the Company is on track to achieve sales of $20.5 million and adjusted EBITDA of $4.5 million.

The Company has only begun to realize its full potential. Growth areas include expanding to overseas markets, new product categories, the plus-size market, as well as numerous licensing opportunities.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2017 Revenue: $20.5 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $4.5 million

Branded Manufacturer of Water Storage & Circulation Systems EUR 3.4 million EBITDA with 2,000+ Accounts

The Company is an Italian premier designer and manufacturer of hydronic systems for air conditioning, heat exchangers, tanks and storage systems for heating, for thermo-sanitary systems and for circulation of fluids in industrial processes and heat pumps for solar panels.

An industry icon known for innovation, the Company offers customized solutions to OEM customers and to EPC for use in industrial processes, but it also offers standard solutions to distributors and installers of medium to large size. Approximately 36% of the Company’s revenues come from Italian and international OEMs in the HVAC market, 44% from distributors and installers in the HVAC market, and 20% from EPC and other customers in the industrial sector. The Company enjoys a long-standing national and multinational client base, serves about 2,100 accounts annually and about 64% of the Company sales are branded with its own name.

In 2017, the consolidated revenues generated by the Company and its controlled subsidiaries are expected to grow +11% vs 2016 and to reach EUR 25.9 million with EUR 3.4 million in adjusted EBITDA. In Q1 2017 the consolidated revenues increased by +19% compared to the same period of 2016.

The Italian market represents about 80% of the sales through a sales network of 45 agents on the territory. Exports account for 20% of sales with a presence in 35 countries and a significant potential to leverage the Company’s outstanding reputation to grow market share outside of Italy.

Location: Italy

Est. 2017 Revenue: EUR 25.9 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 3.4 million

Saudi Arabian Defense & Infrastructure Solutions Provider to Major Global Defense Contractors Est. 2017 Revenue of USD 13 million

The Company specializes in turnkey systems, engineering, technical services, and operation and maintenance support services to government agencies, multinational organizations and private industry throughout the Gulf Region. In business for over 13 years, the Company’s solutions include advanced planning to support mobilizations, operational readiness and sustainment for the defense and security industry. In addition, the Company offers design, custom configuration, implementation, sustainment and modernization of systems. Unlike many of is Riyadh-based competitors, the Company is also certified by the U.S. Defense Contract Audit Agency.

The Company has only begun to capture the many lucrative opportunities in its niche. Capabilities range from information and communication technology, program/project management and system integration to operations maintenance and training. The Company currently holds contracts valued at USD 15 million going out to 2021 and is about to undergo significant growth with USD 453 million in potential contracts. Most contracts have multiple-year deliveries with some going out five years.

Service expansion opportunities include repair and return services (which the Company already provides to Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin), developing 3D parts prototyping business for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and component parts for the oil and gas industry and establishing regional logistical warehousing and staging. All principals will remain to ensure a smooth transition and there is a senior manager who is qualified to assume the position of President/CEO.

Location: Saudi Arabia

Est. 2017 Revenue: USD 13.1 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: USD 2.1 million

Full-Service Virtual Reality & 3D Production Company Double Digit Growth – Global Clients – $1.8 million EBITDA

The Company is an award-winning, full-service 3D visualization studio that creates high-impact Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), for 3D Illustrations, 3D Animations and Real Estate Films. The Company has grown revenue by strong double-digits over the past few years and is well on track to become a world-class creative technology studio.

Operating from several urban offices located in markets where high-end projects are ongoing, the Company has built a loyal client base of global leaders in property development, premium real estate, architecture, town planning and interior design.

The Company completed 331 projects in 2016 and booked projects from 96 active clients. Clients are located throughout the U.S. and in eight foreign countries.

Sales increased 19.8% in 2016. Estimated revenue for 2017 is $5 million with over $1.8 million in adjusted EBITDA. The Company is expecting to increase sales nearly 11% over 2016.

Location: Eastern U.S. & Europe

Est. 2017 Revenue: $5 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $1.8 million

USD 3.3 million EBITDA University in Growth Area of Brazil with 5,000 Students & 2 Campuses

With two campuses located in a capital of northeast Brazil and approximately 5,000 students, the University offers undergraduate, graduate and extension studies that target the needs of its region. The University provides high-quality educational services and affordable tuition. Its target market includes B, C and D economic classes (those with income higher than USD 760/month).

Revenue in 2016 was an estimated BRL 30,1 million (USD 9.4 million) with approximately BRL 10,5 million (USD 3.3 million) in adjusted EBITDA.

Commercial and manufacturing centers are being developed in the region. The University’s two campuses have climate-controlled classrooms, multimedia systems, updated libraries and modern, well-equipped laboratories. Some courses include services delivered to the community, services such as a veterinary clinic.

The University is in the process of implementing distance-learning courses which will generate higher margins than classroom courses.

Location: Brazil

Estimated Revenue in 2016: BRL 30,1 million (USD 9.4 million)

Estimated Adj. EBITDA in 2016: BRL 10,5 million (USD 3.3 million)

European Event Planning and Marketing Firm with Long-Term Fortune 100 Global Technology Clients and Consistent Double-Digit Growth Rate

The Company is one of Italy’s premier marketing agencies specializing in event planning and execution for the world’s largest technology companies. The Company’s integrated marketing services range from business events to executive teambuilding programs, from branded events like new product road shows and channel/value-added reseller programs to demand and lead-generation campaigns.

Four new clients were acquired in 2016 and two new clients through April 2017. Long-term clients include SAP, Allianz, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Oracle, HP, Hitachi,, VEEAM and other Fortune 100 leaders in business and enterprise software, database technologies and system integrators, cloud engineered and virtual systems, and cybersecurity.

Revenue rose 37.5% in 2016 and in 2017 is expected to increase 14.3% to total EUR 4.3 million with approximately EUR 816,00 in adjusted EBITDA. Revenue and EBITDA have been increasing at double-digit rates over the past few years.

The Company enjoys a long-standing multinational client base and serves about 30+ accounts annually. The Company operates with a young, talented staff with expertise in creative, marketing, technical production, project management and sales. The team has developed strong relationships with both clients and vendors to conceive, produce and roll-out scalable events that are a combination of strategic offline and online marketing based on a client’s predefined marketing objectives.

Location: Italy

Est. 2017 Revenue: EUR 4.4 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 816,000

Passenger Transportation Company with $4.8 million EBITDA & 500+ Long-Term Multinational Clients

The Company provides people mobility services in India. It offers a gamut of services including employee transportation services, event transportation, corporate executive transportation, leisure/tour transportation, self-drive car services, hotel travel-desk services, and limo services to clients. Serving over 1,000 loyal clients in India’s major cities, the Company’s clientele consists of multinational companies, diplomatic officials and government authorities. Clients include Taj Group of Hotels, Hilton Resorts, Microsoft, American Express, Accenture, Mercer Consulting and Honeywell. About 50% of revenue is generated by the top 50 clients who are large corporations that have long-term relationships with the Company.

The Company uses its proprietary .NET based software for managing all aspects of the business which helps it to optimize its services and manage logistics for seamless operations. The Company has recently launched an app to further optimize the process.

The Company has won many awards from the Tourism Ministry of India and other institutions like Dun and Bradstreet for providing best-in-class services. The Company also has global presence in 45 countries through affiliates. All chauffeurs receive specialized training in order to adhere to the Company’s service standards.

The Company’s revenue has been growing at a robust pace with a CAGR of approximately 27% for the past 4 years. This strong growth is due to rising demand for employee transportation services and corporate executive transportation, which are the Company’s fastest growing segments.

Location: India

Est. FY 2017 Revenues (ending 3/31/17): USD 29.1 million

Est. FY 2017 Adj. EBITDA: USD 4.8 million

Largest Shrimp Aquaculture Company in the Americas Proprietary Technology, Global Brand and $7.3 million in EBITDA

The Company is an award-winning, leading supplier of branded fresh-frozen shrimp to major import markets in Asia, Europe and the U.S. The Company’s 20-year genetics program has led to remarkable advances in growth rate, survival and disease resistance, while maintaining an impressive 75% genetic diversity from its original shrimp stock.

Using high-tech selective breeding methods to produce an outstanding pedigree, the Company’s biologists and genetics experts have improved reproduction, production and yields to create shrimp that are healthier, stronger and more resilient than other varieties.

There are three related operations included in this offering comprised of hatchery, farm land and processing plant, including also their headquarters. Approximately 83% of sales are shrimp and 17% are larvae. The Company has a proprietary portfolio of genetic and technological assets and its brand name is recognized for superior quality, freshness and taste.

A highly-scalable and integrated operation, the Company is positioned to ramp up capacity as it continues to focus on optimizing production practices, forging technological breakthroughs and maintaining quality yields. Complying with the highest international standards in environmental, health, security and quality, the Company operates a state-of-the-art hatchery, three farms and an onsite processing plant located in a tax-free trade zone.

All management and staff are dedicated to the Company’s continued prosperity and are expected to remain in place under new ownership. Management expects to make substantial improvements in EBITDA margins in 2016 due to new efficiencies achieved in its food conversion feed ratio. Projected revenue growth of about 24% is expected in 2017 due to a third harvest planned in addition to the normal two harvests per year.

Location: Latin America

Est. 2016 Revenue: $21.8 million

Est. 2016 Adj. EBITDA: $7.3 million

Proprietary/Patented Cybersecurity Firewall Solutions Company with Global Installation Base, Focused on Critical Infrastructure Protection

The Company provides proprietary and patented cybersecurity products that optimize firewalls and secure wired and wireless networks for customers in the key markets of finance, government, energy and telecom. The Company has over 500 firewall appliances installed globally, with customers concentrated in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, and throughout EMEA. These products can operate in rugged and extreme environments including temperatures ranging from -40F to 180F.

The Company’s solutions reduce costs substantially. These reduced costs are achieved by users not having to add or significantly upgrade expensive, existing firewalls. While saving costs, the Company’s solutions add another layer of security with near zero latency and improved network speed. Their solutions can be deployed rapidly and are compatible with widely used operating firewall software such as CheckPoint, Sophos, Dell and Fortinet.

The Company’s products and software solutions reduce costs while enhancing performance and security. The Company’s unique cybersecurity solutions add speed and improve performance with an added layer of security to customers operating with the most demanding critical infrastructure needs – a key competitive differentiator.

Location: U.S.

Revenue Proj. Year 3: $15.2 million

EBITDA Proj. Year 3: $3.3 million

European Building Materials Inspection, Testing and Certification Company Serving 10,000 Customers

The Company provides testing (in laboratories and on-site) and certification of building materials, welding products, processes and personnel for manufacturing and construction firms. The Company’s diversified customer base includes engineers, architects, land and buildings surveyors), public administrations and entities, private firms, construction firms, buildings, infrastructures, railways, concrete producers, carpenter’s shops and shipbuilding. Its 10,000 customers are located throughout Italy.

The Company is one of only five building materials testing labs in Italy that can meet the stringent requirements to work on public sector projects. Highly skilled and experienced employees work with a strong problem-solving and customer-oriented approach to maximize customer satisfaction. There is an experienced management team of 5 key people already in place.

The Company has just entered the market of welding systems, products and processes certification, which represents a significant growth opportunity; other expansion opportunities include offering certification/ training services for welding and related roles as well as growing the Company’s commercial customer base within and beyond Italy.

The global Testing, Inspection and Certification industry is expected to reach USD 50.6 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5% between 2015 and 2020. Factors such as new regulation standards, outsourcing of the testing, inspection and certification services, concern about product quality and safety, and globalization of trade are driving market growth.

Location: Italy

Est. 2016 Revenue: EUR 3.0 million

Est. 2016 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 733,000