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German Supplier of Branded Gifts and Novelty Products with €6 million EBITDA & 7,700 Commercial Accounts

The Company is one of Europe’s leading wholesale suppliers of trend-driven gifts, novelty items and home décor products. Products are imported and distributed worldwide to repeat customers in 100 countries. All products are sold in Company-designed and branded packaging; each item bears one of the Company’s five trademarked brand-names.

Customers include 7,700 distributors, chain stores, specialty retailers and theme parks. Product categories include fashion (clothes, accessories, sunglasses), household goods (decoration, bath and beauty products, kitchen accessories), stationery and paper goods, electronics and accessories, fun and games, joke articles, costumes and erotic fun. The Company offers products for every age group.

Revenue increased about 12.9% in 2016 and is conservatively estimated to grow 6% in 2017 and achieve over €52 million with more than €6,7 million in adjusted EBITDA.

Toys account for about 12% of annual sales, emoticon/novelty products are 7%, and bath and beauty items are 6%.

The Company has experienced management committed to its future growth. It also has an established network of approximately 250 suppliers and quality testing and controls in place through its staff in Hong Kong and a Quality and Product Safety Manager in Germany. A seasoned staff in Hong Kong procures products at favorable prices and is responsible for quality control.

There is a multilingual in-house staff that includes an internal salesforce, as well as 44 external sales representatives in 13 countries.

Location: Germany

Est. 2017 Revenue: EUR 52 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 6.7 million

Luxury Caterer Serving Upscale, Fortune 500 Clients

The Company is an off-premise luxury caterer specializing in high-end culinary events for discriminating corporate, social and private clients. Engagements consist of prominent corporate and non-profit events for Fortune 500 corporations, cultural institutions, high-profile corporate leaders, celebrities and socialites.

The Company produces culinary experiences of exceptional quality with menus and service designed to impress. From small intimate gatherings to large-scale events of 1,000+ guests, the Company delivers integrated food preparation, beverage service, and event production for breakfast, snacks, lunch, cocktails, seated or buffet dinners.

Sales for 2017 are estimated to total $10.5 million with approximately $1.3 million in adjusted EBITDA. The Company currently has $2.5 million worth of booked events.

The Company has only begun to realize its full potential to become the foremost brand in its niche. There is significant potential for leveraging the Company’s well-recognized brand to include lifestyle products or a retail presence. Building on its strong local market position, the Company could also expand into the exclusive on premise business and industry (B&I) catering market.

Management is in the process of building a sales force capable of producing a steady stream of higher profit margin events by investing in SG&A in 2017. For the foreseeable future, EBITDA margins in the 12% to 14% range are expected to be realizable.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2017 Revenue: $10.5 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $1.3 million

USD 3.3 million EBITDA University in Growth Area of Brazil with 5,000 Students & 2 Campuses

With two campuses located in a capital of northeast Brazil and approximately 5,000 students, the University offers undergraduate, graduate and extension studies that target the needs of its region. The University provides high-quality educational services and affordable tuition. Its target market includes B, C and D economic classes (those with income higher than USD 760/month).

Revenue in 2016 was an estimated BRL 30,1 million (USD 9.4 million) with approximately BRL 10,5 million (USD 3.3 million) in adjusted EBITDA.

Commercial and manufacturing centers are being developed in the region. The University’s two campuses have climate-controlled classrooms, multimedia systems, updated libraries and modern, well-equipped laboratories. Some courses include services delivered to the community, services such as a veterinary clinic.

The University is in the process of implementing distance-learning courses which will generate higher margins than classroom courses.

Location: Brazil

Estimated Revenue in 2016: BRL 30,1 million (USD 9.4 million)

Estimated Adj. EBITDA in 2016: BRL 10,5 million (USD 3.3 million)

Rapidly Growing European B2B Marketing Agency Serving Fortune 500 IT Customers

The Company is one of Italy’s premier marketing agencies specializing in event planning and execution for the world’s largest technology companies. The Company’s integrated marketing services range from business events to executive teambuilding programs, from branded events like new product road shows and channel/value-added reseller programs to demand and lead-generation campaigns. Long-term clients include SAP, Allianz, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Oracle, HP, Hitachi,, VEEAM and other Fortune 100 leaders in business and enterprise software, database technologies and system integrators, cloud engineered and virtual systems, and cybersecurity. Event-related services such as conference and roadshows account for over half of annual billings.

Revenue for 2017 is expected to increase 16.7% to total EUR 4.3 million with approximately EUR 976,00 in adjusted EBITDA. Revenue has been growing by strong double-digits over the past few years.

The Company enjoys a long-standing multinational client base and serves about 30 accounts annually. The Company operates with a young, talented staff with expertise in creative, marketing, technical production, project management and sales. The team has developed strong relationships with both clients and vendors to conceive, produce and roll-out scalable events that are a combination of strategic offline and online marketing based on a client’s predefined marketing objectives.

The Company’s owner is amenable to remaining post-transaction for several years to continue growing the business to its next level of prosperity.

Location: Italy

Est. FY 2017 Revenue: EUR 4.3 million

Est. FY 2017 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 976,000

Fast Growing Service Company with Proprietary Technology & Fortune 500 Customers

The Company is one of the largest concrete polishing contractors in the U.S. serving a national base of leading retail and other commercial customers. Specializing in retail stores in 45 states, the Company has several publicly-held national chains as long-term customers. Any building with a concrete floor is a potential client. The majority of the Company’s projects are performed in a subcontracting role, however, there are strong, direct relationships with end-customers.

There is a backlog of business valued at $4 million and growing. Estimated revenue for 2017 is $13 million with adjusted EBITDA of $2.8 million. The Company is just beginning to realize its full potential. The concrete polishing industry is quickly becoming the preferred flooring solution due to its lower total cost of ownership that is virtually maintenance free.

Lucrative growth opportunities for a new owner include: continued geographic expansion, adding ancillary services such as concrete refurbishing and waterproofing, offering other flooring types, roofing, and developing a residential franchising division.

The Company has invested significantly in R&D, which has allowed it to develop a range of proprietary processes and equipment. Consequently, the Company enjoys a significant advantage over competitors in pricing, project speed and quality of results.

The Company’s VP of Sales and day-to-day General Manager is eager to stay and lead the Company to its next level of success over the next several years.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2017 Revenue: $13 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $2.8 million

World’s Largest Producer of Precision Medical Device & Other Metal Products with $5 Million EBITDA

The Company is a pioneer in the custom-manufacturing of critical medical, security, analytical and industrial product parts made from specialty materials and metals such as aluminum, nickel, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel. The Company also manufactures assemblies and components used in military applications such as electro-optical, guidance, detector, navigational, targeting, night vision, missile skin and fuse assemblies.

Sales for 2017 are estimated to total $17.1 million with approximately $5 million in adjusted EBITDA.

The Company serves a total base of 660 customers, with about 40 active at any given time. These include global contract manufacturers and Fortune 500 OEMs. Customers are based in nearly all 50 states and in several European countries, India and Mexico. The Company focuses on manufacturing value-added, higher-margin runs of 100-1,000 units that are custom-designed for niche applications, which accounts for 80% of annual sales.

There is currently a single day-shift running and 89 employees. The workforce consists of engineers and experts in machining, tool & die, deep drawing/stamping, assembly and inspection departments.

The owners have not aggressively marketed the Company’s production capabilities – and near-term growth opportunities include entering new segments of existing markets, leveraging the current customer base to meet additional needs, and adding a second shift, which management estimates could double annual revenues.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2017 Revenue: $17.1 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $5.0 million

Provider of ID Theft & Legal Assistance Programs High Level of Recurring Revenue $4.6 million EBITDA & Fortune 500 Clients

The Company is a market leader in delivering legal and identity theft solutions to Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) providers. Clients include the country’s leading employers, insurance companies, membership associations and national marketing entities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Company has strong margins and a high rate of recurring, contract revenue from long-term clients.

The Company delivers legal assistance and referrals 365/24/7 to approximately 27 million households through its proprietary invitation-only network of 7,000 law firms. Management estimated the Company holds an estimated 70% share of the U.S. EAP services market for legal services and is growing market share of its high-margin ID theft solutions.

Based on 11 months YTD for 2016, top-line growth will increase by 21% to exceed $8.6 million with more than $4.6 million in EBITDA. Revenue is expected to grow 27% in 2017 to achieve over $11 million with more than $5.4 million in EBITDA. The Company typically serves 135 clients, which include many of the country’s premier employers and consistently receives exceptionally high satisfaction ratings from clients and user-members, exceeding service-delivery benchmarks in all areas of its operations.

The Company has significant opportunities for expansion by upselling enhanced services and offering new services to its client base and 27 million end-users. There is an experienced and effective SVP/General Manager in addition to a dedicated team in place to continue growing the business to reach its full potential.

Location: North America

Est. FY 2016 Revenue: $8.6 million

Est. FY 2016 Adj. EBITDA: $4.6 million

Digital Marketing Company with 300 Accounts and Proprietary High-ROI Loyalty Platform

The Company has developed a suite of digital loyalty marketing solutions with
quantifiable ROI analytics. The Company offers marketing campaigns focused on
existing customer loyalty and new customer conquest. In both of these campaign
types, direct mail is delivered to potential customers; the mailed pieces highlight a
personalized URL which has a code to unlock a given promotion. The Company has
roughly 300 active accounts and deals with 26 global brands. The Company is currently
pursuing development of an analytics-driven, trackable broadcast marketing system
(soon to be offered to customers).

In FY 2016 (ending July 31, 2016), the Company achieved over $2.9 million in annual
revenue with $1.3 million in adjusted EBITDA, an EBITDA margin of 42.6%. Revenue
for FY 2017 is expected to increase 9% and total $3.2 million with $1.5 million in
adjusted EBITDA.

The Company is a leader in its niche and is currently industry focused. It has achieved
growth in both revenues and the number of new clients. The business is easily scaled
from any location and has a number of near-term growth opportunities such as
deepening relationships with existing clients by offering new products and services;
expanding to new verticals such as dental, mortgage, telecom and higher education.

Location: North America

Est. FY 2017 Rev. (Ending 07/31/2017): $3.2 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $1.5 million

Passenger Transportation Company with $4.8 million EBITDA & 500+ Long-Term Multinational Clients

The Company provides people mobility services in India. It offers a gamut of services including employee transportation services, event transportation, corporate executive transportation, leisure/tour transportation, self-drive car services, hotel travel-desk services, and limo services to clients. Serving over 1,000 loyal clients in India’s major cities, the Company’s clientele consists of multinational companies, diplomatic officials and government authorities. Clients include Taj Group of Hotels, Hilton Resorts, Microsoft, American Express, Accenture, Mercer Consulting and Honeywell. About 50% of revenue is generated by the top 50 clients who are large corporations that have long-term relationships with the Company.

The Company uses its proprietary .NET based software for managing all aspects of the business which helps it to optimize its services and manage logistics for seamless operations. The Company has recently launched an app to further optimize the process.

The Company has won many awards from the Tourism Ministry of India and other institutions like Dun and Bradstreet for providing best-in-class services. The Company also has global presence in 45 countries through affiliates. All chauffeurs receive specialized training in order to adhere to the Company’s service standards.

The Company’s revenue has been growing at a robust pace with a CAGR of approximately 27% for the past 4 years. This strong growth is due to rising demand for employee transportation services and corporate executive transportation, which are the Company’s fastest growing segments.

Location: India

Est. FY 2017 Revenues (ending 3/31/17): USD 29.1 million

Est. FY 2017 Adj. EBITDA: USD 4.8 million

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)/Staffing Services & Insurance Products Provider with $34.4 million Revenue

The Company offers an acquirer a group of interrelated service businesses: Two of the business units provide Farm Labor Contracting, one is a PEO/Staffing operation and one is an insurance agency/payroll processing/ASO. There are some shared clients among the various divisions. To create greater efficiency, the Company is in the process of consolidating its four operating entities into a single overarching Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Consolidated 2016 revenue exceeded $34.4 million with nearly $1.8 million in adjusted EBITDA. There is significant growth potential ahead for the Company in all its business segments. Opportunities include capturing greater share in its current markets, as well as expanding into adjacent states and to other regions throughout the U.S.

The Company currently operates in seasonal labor business in eight states and is a leading player in these markets. In addition, demand for higher margin PEO services is increasing substantially and management believes this is a major growth opportunity. The Company is positioned to expand its farm labor contracting business and PEO to new geographic regions in the U.S.

For a strategic buyer, there is a highly-integrated operations infrastructure that can be absorbed, resulting in substantial synergies and increased earnings.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2017 Revenue: $37.9 million

Est. 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $2.2 million