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Dominant Brand of Sports Equipment with Double-digit Growth and 459 Accounts

This iconic brand dominates its niche in the manufacture and marketing of sports equipment
and is recognized for its high-quality standards and technological innovation. The brand is the
preferred supplier to many professional sports teams and owns registered trademarks in
several Latin American countries. Products are sold in sporting goods stores, chain stores and
other domestic and international retailers.

Management has recently begun to launch new product lines such as sports accessories and
footwear to capture new market segments. There are numerous additional growth
opportunities such as expanding the brand’s footprint in Latin America, developing customized
products for professional sports teams, increasing presence in shopping centers, developing
online sales capabilities, and opening branded retail locations. These opportunities can be
pursued with local manufacturing capabilities or by using the Company’s high-quality suppliers
in Pakistan and China to achieve cost or exchange-rate advantages.

The Company’s 459 active accounts are primarily domestic retailers, although three are based
in foreign markets. The Company’s marketing resources include a highly skilled sales force and
a group of promoters specialized in marketing new releases to schools and universities, as well
as to the professional sports market such as leagues and tournaments.

The business operates with 148 employees, all of whom are highly trained to manufacture a
final product that meets the most rigorous quality standards required by athletes around the

The Company has maintained a steady double-digit growth rate as a result of its strong brand, preferred by both professional and amateur consumers.

Location: Latin America

Est. 2015 Sales: USD 11.7 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: USD 2.2 million

Electrical Services Provider Upgrading and Maintaining Brazil’s Power Grid

The Company provides a broad range of maintenance and related services to leading utility players in the fast-growing Brazilian power distribution market. The Company helps reduce outages and increase system reliability through timely maintenance, upgrades and repairs of substations, networks and electric power systems. Projects include electrical maintenance, repair, upgrades and replacement systems and equipment for high and low voltage transformers, breakers, switchgears; technical metering services; collection, recycling and disposal of equipment and waste materials and; regeneration of insulating oils. The Company can deliver services virtually anywhere in Brazil. Accelerating construction and maintenance activities to expand Brazil’s power distribution and transmission networks is opening vast market opportunities for equipment suppliers and service companies. Significant demand is also expected for the Company’s metering service-solution offering.

Revenue declined in 2013 and 2014 due to a decision by a key client to perform some activities in-house instead of outsourcing them. In 2014, margins were improved by reducing headcount, which will continue in 2015. The Company also plans to sell some of its trucks that are no longer needed, which will lower maintenance costs.

Location: Brazil

Estimated FY 2015 Sales: BRL 19 million (USD 6.2 million)

Estimated FY 2015 EBITDA: BRL 3.1 million (USD 1.0 million)

National Provider of IT Asset Disposition Services with 6,300 Accounts and Capacity to Double Volume

The Company acquires and re-sells pre-owned, off-lease or depreciated IT assets. Product suppliers are primarily computer leasing firms, recyclers, auctioneers and end-users companies. About 75% of stock is acquired through direct purchase with the remainder by bid and consignment. Ninety-two percent of sales are wholesale to exporters, VARs and computer service companies, and 8% are retail. The Company is known for carrying top quality national and regional brands, such as Apple, HP and Lenovo, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, at competitive prices. The Company sells products online through its own outlet store and via an eBay store, as well as other e-marketplaces.

With a combined total of 56,000 square feet and capacity to double existing business volume, the Company is poised for continued growth. The Company has more than 300 active wholesale customer accounts and about 6,000 retail customers. Product suppliers include an established network of 60 vendors. The Company experienced revenue growth of almost 45% from 2013 to 2014 and expects revenues to grow at about 7% in 2015. These increases were primarily attributable to the
availability of a much greater level of Apple equipment, including iPads, as the Apple and tablet market began to become a larger component of corporate lease programs and the used market.

The reduction of adjusted operating expense in both dollars and as a percent of revenue from 2012 to 2013 was primarily due to a reduction in salaries and wages, a reduction in rent and facility costs and temporary labor cost related to a vendor program that was discontinued in 2013.
Adjusted EBITDA in 2015 is expected to increase nearly 12% principally the result of the expected 6.8% increase in revenues.

Location: Eastern and Western U.S.

Est. 2015 Revenue: $16.6 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $1.7 million

USD 2 Million EBITDA, 74% Revenue Growth High-Margin Diagnostic Lab Outsourced Billing Company

The Company provides billing and related Revenue Cycle Management services to molecular diagnostic, specialty clinical and toxicology labs throughout the U.S. The Company accelerates medical billing with a proven and scalable approach to revenue cycle management that helps clients streamline operations and improve profitability. The Company’s comprehensive offering integrates and seamlessly automates key accounts receivables, administrative and business functions and spans the entire revenue cycle management process from front office to integrated practice management software.

The Company maintains service agreements with all active clients and agreements generally have terms of 1-2 years. Five new clients were acquired in 2014 with agreements ranging out to 2016. The Company currently operates in more than 40 states. Molecular diagnostics, the largest of the Company’s target markets is estimated by Bloomberg at $7.8 billion and expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2014 to 2020. The clinical diagnostic lab testing market is expected to reach $98.4 billion in revenue by 2017, reported by market research firm Washington G-2, and the toxicology market is estimated at $2 billion, according to IBISWorld, an industry research firm. Management believes of the three markets, molecular diagnostics offers the greatest growth potential going forward.

EBITDA margins in 2012 contracted as the Company had to quickly increase its staffing to overcome efficiency issues and, even more importantly, to meet the rising demand for its services. At present, management believes it has built an optimal sized workforce and can scale it up as needed as business grows.

Location: Western U.S.

FY 2015 Revenue: USD 6.1 million

FY 2015 Revenue: USD 6.1 million

Under LOI

BRL 4.2 million EBITDA in Year 1: Turnkey, Branded Natural Mineral Water and Bottling Operation

MOIA is a pre-revenue natural mineral water extracting and bottling facility based in Pratânia (270 km northwest of the city of São Paulo), Brazil. The Company is located on an 88,000 m2 (22-acre) property with an abundant, renewable water source. MOIA water is pure spring water extracted from a safeguarded, unspoiled source that offers an appealing taste and promotes health by being low in sodium and having a well-balanced pH level. The water has been tested and certified by a third-party quality inspector. The facility offers abundant production capacity by digging more wells on the site.

The MOIA factory was built in 2010 and is equipped with a variety of automated machinery and other state-of-the-art equipment. The Company has established an efficient, completely in-house production process. End-to-end production capabilities include the manufacture and filling of various bottle sizes and final, ready-for-shelf packaging. There is significant opportunity to penetrate the Brazilian market for bottled water as well as lucrative export potential, particularly to the Middle East and China.

In Brazil, the demand for mineral water has been increasing annually. In 2014, ABINAM, the Brazilian Mineral Water Industry Association, reported a 20% increase in sales volume and a 10% increase in average pricing.

Location: Brazil

Projected Year 1 Sales: BRL 8.7 million (USD 2.8 million)

Projected Year 1 EBITDA: BRL 4.2 million (USD 1.4 million)

Scalable Nearshore Precision Manufacturer Specializing in Medical Devices and Semiconductor Components

The Company manufactures high-performance alloy components and assemblies for global market leaders in the medical device and semiconductor markets. Machined primarily from stainless steel, aluminum, nitinol, titanium and brass alloys, and polymers such as PEEK, teflon, ultem, polycarbonate and delrin, the Company’s made-to-spec parts are used in critical medical applications, such as minimally invasive surgery, interventional therapies and orthopedics. In addition, the Company manufactures semiconductor probe needles out of tungsten, tungsten-rhenium, stainless steel and beryllium-copper alloys, which are used for wafer testing. The Company also provides micro-assembly and tip/edge sharpening services.

Approximately 80% of sales are to medical device OEMS and 20% are to semi-conductor manufacturers. The Company currently has 52 active customers across several countries. Its flexible production platform gives the Company the capability to manufacture a wide range of parts and meet changing market conditions with efficiency, high-quality and fast delivery and can increase production volume with minimal additional investment. The Company’s 22,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility is strategically located in a Free Trade Zone, near the international airport and the country’s capital city.

The Company has experienced management in place and low cost labor, so it can sell its products at competitive prices. Management recently hired an experienced sales professional who will be heading up the sales and marketing department in the final quarter of FY-15. The turnaround in EBITDA is directly attributable to management’s successful efforts in streamlining processes using lean management practices both on the shop floor and in administrative operations.

Location: Central America

Estimated FY 2015 Revenue: USD 3.8 million

Estimated FY 2015 Adjusted EBITDA: USD 1.1 million

$2.2 million EBITDA, Manufacturer of Diagnostic Test Kits with 13 Patents and Customers in 49 Countries

The Company manufactures and sells FDA-approved microbiological, serological and immunological point-of-care diagnostic test kits and reagents. Flagship products test for a marker associated with a major form of cancer with high incidence rates worldwide. The Company’s product line also includes a line of lateral flow rapid diagnostic tests and other simple and rapid assays. The Company holds several U.S. and international patents and trademarks, with many more pending. The patents primarily relate to the proprietary sample collection technologies. The Company is in the process of developing new products for the medical and OTC markets.

Customers are primarily major international medical distribution companies who serve the POL medical marketplace (i.e., physician offices, labs and clinics). The Company operates from 18,000 square feet in three leased facilities.

According to TriMark, a leading medical market research firm, the worldwide POCT market is valued at $11.9 billion. The Company currently has products that address large portions of this market, including but not limited to the $874 million infectious disease POCT market, which is projected to have a 5-year CAGR of 12% through 2018. Overall, the worldwide POC testing market is projected to have a 5-year CAGR of 8.6%, reaching $16.7 billion in 2018.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2015 Sales: $9 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $2.2 million

$2.9 million EBITDA, Multi-Store Retail Chain Specializing in Lawn, Garden & Pet Products

The Company’s stores offer a consistent brand experience focused on personalized service and backed by the scale and purchasing power of a regional chain. The Company stocks about 12,000 SKUs, which include leading national brands of pet food and supplies, lawn, garden and nursery, wild bird food and supplies, grills, patio furniture, propane, fencing and wood pellets.

Store sizes range from 10,000 square feet to 15,500 square feet. Each store occupies a site with acreage of 1.8 acres to over 5 acres. Companywide, average sales per square foot in 2014 were $307 and the number of customer transactions reached an all-time high of approximately 500,000. All stores experienced higher sales in 2014 and same-store sales growth is expected for 2015.

The owners have identified a number of prime locations for new stores and believe adding related services to store offerings, as well as developing e-commerce functionality to its website, could significantly enhance future sales and profits.

The improvement in EBITDA margin beginning in 2014 is due to management’s success at steadily growing sales, achieving consistent annual gross margins on products sold and by holding the line on major increases in operating expenses. Management expects to realize a similar EBITDA margin for 2015.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2015 Sales: $22.9 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $2.9 million

$2.6 million EBITDA Manufacturer of Branded Personal Care Products Sold to 30,000 Retail Outlets Nationwide

The dominant force in its category, the Company is an innovative manufacturer of branded personal care products. The Company sells a high-quality and price-competitive line targeted primarily to men seeking a traditional alternative to existing products. The items are sold separately and in sets. The Company sells its products to over 30,000 retail doors across the country. Customers include nearly 100 different mass-market, drugstore and supermarket chains, as well as e-commerce companies. The Company offers the most extensive line available at its price point and has become a key player in its industry.

Repeat customers include Target, Wal-Mart,, CVS, Albertsons, Duane Reade,, Rite Aid, Winn Dixie Stores, Walgreen’s, Kroger’s and Stop & Shop. The Company’s products are consistently rank #1 and #2 in results on Amazon when searching for their product category.

Some finished goods are purchased from overseas suppliers but all manufacturing takes place in the Company’s facility. The Company has developed a unique process for producing several of its products. Management estimates the current facility could support about $14 million in annual revenue; there is also 6,000 square feet in an adjacent space that could be leased and would allow production to increase by 75%.

Location: Western US

Est. 2015 Sales: $9 million

Est. 2015 Adj. EBITDA: $2.6 million

$5.4 million EBITDA Design/Build HVAC and Plumbing Companies Serving Booming Market

The Companies (with shared ownership) offer design/build plumbing and HVAC systems for multi-unit residential buildings and commercial properties. The Companies do all or some of the design and engineering work on projects and perform all fabricating, systems integration and installation work for large-scale plumbing and HVAC systems. Although they do not have dedicated sales personnel or a website, the Companies regularly turn away business in order to focus on providing outstanding service to existing repeat clients.

Eighty percent of the Companies’ jobs are for long-time clients. The majority of projects are new construction installations, either for Design/Build or Design/Assist in following the architect’s plans. The Companies work primarily for the prime contractor on a project, but are also engaged directly by real estate developers, property owners and other clients.

The Companies have developed a consistent and efficient service delivery process that has produced excellent margins on jobs for the past 10 years. Going forward, management expects FY-16 for the HVAC division will be a tremendous growth year. Early in 2015 the Company started work on two new large projects that make up a $10 million backlog over a two-year period. The plumbing division is also expected to continue growing at high double-digit rates.

Location: Western U.S.

Plumbing FY 2015 (ending 12/31/15) Est. Revenue: $12.9 million (+12.3%)

Plumbing FY 2015 Est. adj. EBITDA: $3.7 million

HVAC FY 2015 (ending 3/31/15) Est. Revenue: $7.5 million (+19%)

HVAC FY 2015 Est. adj. EBITDA: $1.8 million