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Proprietary/Patented Cybersecurity Firewall Solutions Company with Global Installation Base, Focused on Critical Infrastructure Protection

The Company provides proprietary and patented cybersecurity products that optimize firewalls and secure wired and wireless networks for customers in the key markets of finance, government, energy and telecom. The Company has over 500 firewall appliances installed globally, with customers concentrated in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, and throughout EMEA. These products can operate in rugged and extreme environments including temperatures ranging from -40F to 180F.

The Company’s solutions reduce costs substantially. These reduced costs are achieved by users not having to add or significantly upgrade expensive, existing firewalls. While saving costs, the Company’s solutions add another layer of security with near zero latency and improved network speed. Their solutions can be deployed rapidly and are compatible with widely used operating firewall software such as CheckPoint, Sophos, Dell and Fortinet.

The Company’s products and software solutions reduce costs while enhancing performance and security. The Company’s unique cybersecurity solutions add speed and improve performance with an added layer of security to customers operating with the most demanding critical infrastructure needs – a key competitive differentiator.

Location: U.S.

Revenue Proj. Year 3: $15.2 million

EBITDA Proj. Year 3: $3.3 million

Specialty Chemical Distributor with $2.5 million EBITDA & 1,500 Customer Base in 20 States

The Company supplies a broad range of industrial chemicals to
manufacturers and other end-users operating in a variety of industries.
Markets include adhesives, coatings, inks, plastics, polymers and other
diverse applications needing specialty chemicals. The Company represents
a number of highly technical Tier 1 chemical producers and is a major
chemical distributor covering the East Coast. There is a significant growth
opportunity to grow market share in the Southeast, as well as throughout
the rest of the Company’s service area.

The Company serves up to 1,500 customers annually, and many have been
doing business with the Company for more than 15 years. Customers are
distributed throughout 20 states, and in the first half of 2016 the Company
added 60 new accounts.

Historically, the Company’s annual sales growth has consistently outpaced
the industry. Management believes it can achieve 6% to 7% annual growth
over the next several years. Achieving this growth would increase annual
sales volume at near $30 million by 2020. Industry analyst project that
strength in both residential and nonresidential building construction will
stimulate demand for materials using the Company’s products, such as
paint, coatings, adhesives and sealants.

In 2015, sales declined but continued to outperform many industry peers.
The decline was due to the large drop in oil and gas prices, which resulted
in less demand for chemical products by oil and gas companies. The
Company has since reorganized its sales management team and is winning
new business and focusing on sales of higher-margin specialty chemicals.
The improved EBITDA margin expected in 2016 is due primarily to the
Company’s success in selling these higher-margin products.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2016 Revenue: $22.5 million

Est. 2016 Adj. EBITDA: $2.5 million

European Building Materials Inspection, Testing and Certification Company Serving 10,000 Customers

The Company provides testing (in laboratories and on-site) and certification of building materials, welding products, processes and personnel for manufacturing and construction firms. The Company’s diversified customer base includes engineers, architects, land and buildings surveyors), public administrations and entities, private firms, construction firms, buildings, infrastructures, railways, concrete producers, carpenter’s shops and shipbuilding. Its 10,000 customers are located throughout Italy.

The Company is one of only five building materials testing labs in Italy that can meet the stringent requirements to work on public sector projects. Highly skilled and experienced employees work with a strong problem-solving and customer-oriented approach to maximize customer satisfaction. There is an experienced management team of 5 key people already in place.

The Company has just entered the market of welding systems, products and processes certification, which represents a significant growth opportunity; other expansion opportunities include offering certification/ training services for welding and related roles as well as growing the Company’s commercial customer base within and beyond Italy.

The global Testing, Inspection and Certification industry is expected to reach USD 50.6 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5% between 2015 and 2020. Factors such as new regulation standards, outsourcing of the testing, inspection and certification services, concern about product quality and safety, and globalization of trade are driving market growth.

Location: Italy

Est. 2016 Revenue: EUR 3.0 million

Est. 2016 Adj. EBITDA: EUR 733,000

Brazilian Distributor of Top Global Brands of Diagnostic & Medical Products – Exclusive Territories and 500 Accounts

The Company, founded over 50 years ago, is a distributor of diagnostic and medical products to laboratories and hospitals in Brazil. Top customers include DASA and Fleury, two of the leading diagnostic laboratories in Latin America, as well as private medical care group Prevent Senior and several government agencies. The Company serves over 500 active customers.

With two distribution centers strategically located in different regions of the country, the company is quick to deliver and provide customer care. Approximately 70% of the products it sells are imported with no Brazilian equivalent and 30% are manufactured locally by multinational companies.

Product mix is focused on in vitro diagnostic technology and also includes disposable medical supplies and personal care products. The Company represents major international brands in in vitro technology. The Company also sells its own brands of medical, personal care, and diabetes products, whose production is outsourced abroad. Company-branded products account for 15% of the Company’s sales and have approximately the same margins as items with third-party brands.

The Company has RDC 16 certification (Good Practices in Storage and Distribution of Health Products) issued by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). It also offers technical assistance, scientific consulting, and professional training to its customers.

Location: Brazil

Estimated FY 2016 Revenue: BRL 18.3 million (USD 5.2 million)

Estimated FY 2016 Adj. EBITDA: BRL 3.2 million (USD 895 thousand)

Specialty Manufacturer of Industrial Parts with $2.5 million EBITDA, 1,500 Customers Including Fortune 500 OEMs

The Company manufactures custom springs, wire forms and stampings for a wide variety of industrial customers nationwide. The Company focuses on manufacturing smaller-run volume, custom-designed products for niche applications, most of which are value-engineered to customer specs and managed after production with an efficient Kanban inventory system. Customers include Fortune 500 OEMs with end-markets such as electronics, household appliances and furnishings, aerospace, medical devices and equipment, and agricultural equipment, among others. The Company is known for its high-quality products, exceptional customer service and full complement of spring types, providing a “one stop shop” for customers requiring a wide variety of springs.

The Company has more than 1,500 active customers and has been expanding its customer base, adding 69 new customers in the first eight months of 2016 alone. The Company’s customers represent a wide range of industries that incorporate its products into applications including brake springs, high-performance suspension springs, transportation, industrial equipment, construction equipment, farm equipment, medical, furniture, lawn and garden, elevators, pumps, hydraulics, valves, environmental controls, electrical equipment and the automotive aftermarket.

Actual sales for the years presented below are $2 to $3 million higher than the amounts shown in the Financial Highlights table below. One customer is moving its high-volume/low-margin brake spring business offshore sometime early in 2017, while keeping its low-volume/high-margin bespoke business with the Company. By removing these sales, a prospective buyer can evaluate the Company’s presented sales as a reliable run-rate.

Location: U.S.

Estimated FY 2016 Revenue: $15.5 million

Estimated FY 2016 Adj. EBITDA: $2.5 million

Major Industrial Logistics/Transportation Company – Strategic Coastal Locations & 1,900 Active Customers

The Company is among the largest transporters in its region, with a total fleet of 96 vehicles. It is one of few companies working with both full-truckload and less-than-truckload cargo. Up to recently, the Company has been focused on the oil industry but is steadily diversifying its customer base among new industrial and commercial markets. The Company’s fleet can transport light, medium and heavy loads

Eighty-five percent of revenue comes from full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping of materials to and from oil exploration sites, construction sites and ports. The Company transports heavy loads, such as heavy machinery for construction, risers, drill pipes, pipeline manifolds and blowout preventers, but is also prepared with vehicles to ship medium and lighter loads. It has licenses to transport products in customs and chemical substances as well.

In addition to diversifying its customer base for its core transportation services, the Company is rolling out new residue removal services; the licenses it is obtaining also allow it to carry explosives (Army licensing in progress), gas, flammable liquids, oxidants, toxic and infectious substances (includes residue from the health sector), radioactive material and corrosive substances. In addition there is a lucrative opportunity to grow its equipment and vehicle rental business, which is higher margin and lower tax than transportation.

Location: Brazil

Est. FY 2016 Revenue: BRL 16 million (USD 5 million)

Est. FY 2016 Adj. EBITDA: BRL 3.2 million (USD 1 million)

42% EBITDA Margin, World-Class Data Center Located in Growing Metro Market Area

From a State-of-the-Art, SSAE16 Type 2 fully redundant datacenter (DC), the Company offers business class hosting solutions tailored to fit the specific needs of its SMB business clients. The average age of its client base is 8 years, which produces a recurring revenue and high cash flow (+40% EBITDA Margins). Serving the Chicago suburban market, the Company’s clients are evenly spread among Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT Services and Other industries. The Company’s revenue is derived 50% from Dedicated/Cloud services, 40% from Colocation services, and 10% from other add-on services.

For out-of-state datacenters, this Company represents an excellent opportunity to acquire a disaster recovery (DR) center with excess capacity equivalent to 86 racks or 3440 servers as well as the opportunity to enter the strong Chicago market with great growth prospects. For financial buyers, this Company is an excellent add-on or platform opportunity in a rapidly consolidating market. In fact, the Company’s history includes three acquisitions of smaller local datacenters and hosting assets, and is actively pursuing 6-7 additional acquisition prospects.

The owned facility is located 35 miles west of Chicago in a geographically stable (low disaster occurrence) area, the same area the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) chose to locate their datacenter. Its 5,500 sf raised-floor DC is equipped with nearly unlimited bandwidth fiber carriers, which means no single point of provider failure. Inside it houses 42U, 21U, 14U, locking cabinets supporting standard 19” mounting rails. Total capacity of the building houses 218 racks or 8,720 servers and the Company is currently operating at 60% capacity. The building’s electrical power system contains fully redundant uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with backup diesel generators.

Location: Midwestern U.S.

Est. 2016 Revenue: $3.7 million

Est. 2016 Adj. EBITDA: $1.5 million (42% margin)

$7.1 million EBITDA Global Designer & Manufacturer of Patented Productivity-Enhancing Office Solutions

The Company designs and manufactures branded and private-label workstation products that boost employee productivity and reduce liability risk for employers. The Company’s innovative product lines achieve this by optimizing workspace, enhancing ergonomics and adding flexibility. Products include panel systems, sit-stand desks, task lights, Pelican drawers, CPU holders, tablet arms, chairs, stools and other office space products and accessories. The Company typically serves 400 customers at any given point in time, primarily independent dealers, OEMs and a broad range of end-users, especially Fortune 500/1000 companies.

There are 50 million fixed-height workstations in North America alone that will have to be replaced or converted to sit-stand, creating a minimum $50 billion market. Worldwide the market exceeds $100 billion, according to management estimates.

Traditional players in the office market are structured to build and sell new office furniture to replace older furniture, while the Company has developed its products specifically to convert existing workstations to sit-stand. Conversion and retrofitting is not only a lower-cost solution, it is also a more efficient way to increase employee productivity and meet expected new regulations.

Management expects department heads and other key employees would wish to remain post-transaction. 2016 is expected to be a breakout year for sales volume. Orders of about $2 million per month to a major financial services firm are slated to commence in the second half of 2016. As of May, 2016, net sales volume was around $7 million.

Location: North America

Est. 2016 Revenue: $24.8 million

Est. 2016 Adj. EBITDA: $7.1 million

Upscale, Regional Diamond Retail Group with Strong Brand Name Positioned for National Roll-Out

The Company’s brand enjoys strong name recognition and is associated with superior diamonds, premium jewelry and excellent client service. The Company attracts an upscale clientele, primarily young, high-earning professionals, shopping for engagement rings, wedding rings or diamond jewelry. The Company has developed a successful business model that can be replicated nationally. The stores are stand-alone buildings; all are located in the country’s most affluent markets and have easy access and high traffic. In addition to rolling out new stores, expansion opportunities include growing online sales, diversifying product line and monetizing the Company’s client base.

The Company is fanatical about providing an exceptional shopping experience and concierge-level service. The focus is on building a relationship of trust between client and diamond consultant. Each of the Company’s three stores is designed slightly differently, but the business process and presentation are consistent. Elegant display cases in the front showrooms display product range and identify client preferences. The actual selling takes place in private diamond viewing rooms.

About 88% of sales are in the diamond bridal category and 12% are gift and fashion items. An average diamond ring sale is $8,000. The Company operates with 25 full-time employees. The two owners have day-to-day operational responsibilities and are willing to remain with the Company post-transaction.

Location: Eastern U.S.

Est. 2016 Sales: $23.8 million

Est. 2016 Adj. EBITDA: $1.5 million

Manufacturer of Branded & Private-Label Fully-Cooked Pork, Beef & Chicken Products with $3.3 MM EBITDA Automated 54,000 Square-Foot, State-of-the-art Plant

The Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fully-cooked, portion-controlled beef, pork and chicken products sold in over 4,000 meat departments of national supermarkets, grocery chains and warehouse clubs. Branded products account for 52% of annual sales and private-label business is 48%. All product offerings are sold in both fresh and frozen formats and in a variety of BBQ sauces or dry spices. One of the Company’s core strengths is its ability to develop first to market innovative product offerings and its responsiveness to changing consumer trends, tastes and dietary preferences.

The Company operates from a pristine, state-of-the-art production facility and has earned certifications for food safety systems such as ISO 22000:2005, ISO 22002-1:2009. The Company is also compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans (HACCP plans). Approximately 34,000 square feet is currently occupied for plant production with an additional 20,000 square feet currently sublet to a third party tenant and available for future plant expansion.

The Company’s technological innovations are a major competitive advantage, having Company-developed automated systems for cutting, weighing and other processes. These capabilities continue to drive down costs, making the Company a low-cost producer with premium-quality products. Management has aggressively used this advantage to offer attractive and flexible pricing terms and discounts for its customers while still maintaining desired profit margins.

Location: North America

Est. FY 2017 (ending 3/31/17) Revenue: $29.3 million

Est. FY 2017 Adj. EBITDA: $3.3 million