Confidential Global Marketing

Woodbridge is the only M&A firm that creates 2-minute marketing videos for its clients. We do this to bring the client’s company to the buyer’s desktop instantaneously – no matter where the buyer is located. The video is sent out with the offering memorandum after a confidentiality agreement is signed.

The videos below are of clients we have sold. We create them for our clients to make their business stand out from the crowd, get their story told quickly, and develop deeper interest from buyers—no one else in the world does it.

Stretch Internet (3:03)

Naturally Aged Flooring (2:15)

Athletica Sport Systems (2:08)

Media Response Group (3:08)

Zamp Solar (3:04)

Atlanta Cheesecake (3:25)

iSaute (2:25)

Service Nation (3:25)

Skilcor (3:01)

iTech (2:21)

Shift Marketing (2:41)

Concrete Polishing & Restoration (2:43)

Healthcom (2:55)

Mary’s Bridal (3:02)

Allenair Corp. (2:09)

NetSource (2:08)

Carriage House Door (1:51)

TMC Materials (2:39)

Mid-West Spring (2:58)

General Caulking & Coatings (2:52)

Rad Source (3:04)

Hoskin Scientific (2:01)

BigMouth (3:05)

Can-AM & Pheonix (3:17)

Help Desk Technology (3:02)

Wrap-N-Pack (2:22)

Haycom (2:44)

CT Gardens (1:46)

Dominion Elevator (2:13)

Fall Machine (1:57)